Britney Griner's wife, Cherelle Griner, has spoken out in support of her while in jail in Russia.

Cherelle Griner said Tuesday that the last eight months have been filled with grief and disbelief.

I can't believe I'm here without my favorite person, my deepest love, and my biggest support.

"There is no language that can adequately describe the pain of having a loved one held hostage."

Mrs. Griner is working hard to get home. In support of her significant other, she has already met with President Biden.

Cherelle Griner isn't Brittney Griner's first wife. Previously, Brittney Griner was married to Glory Johnson.

The marriage lasted less than a year. Basketball brought Johnson and Griner together.

The star and she had a tumultuous relationship, but she still loved him.

This person should be hated after all that she did to me and my family.

In the end, I'm still concerned about how she takes it," Johnson told PEOPLE.

Despite being married to Griner, Johnson considers herself to be straight.

"You fight for what you love," Johnson told PEOPLE at 25. "It wasn't about them." "We were."