Millions Earned by Disabled Mother through OnlyFans for her Children

After becoming a mother in her teens, Lola Mason decided to switch careers and become a model with OnlyFans because she was struggling to make ends meet.

She's earned millions on TikTok after joining the platform. She made a video revealing how she used to think her life would always be difficult due to her spinal deformity.

Despite becoming a cam girl at 18, she faced struggles. Only after joining OnlyFans as Mama Plugs did life change for the better.

She writes in the TikTok video, which has more than 5,000 likes, "Even though she is disabled at 17, she dreams of one day becoming a successful model earning seven figures."

In addition to making seven figures since joining OnlyFans, Mason plans to rent out properties and make money from the rental business.

Having worked in the sex industry for years before finding peace with her life, she told the Daily Star that success didn't come easily.

Having a spinal deformity made daily tasks even more challenging, as she said. "My life before sex work was like many other teen mums in the UK."

"I was constantly in pain from my backbone problems, and I took morphine for years," she said.

She still buys food and clothing items for charity and food banks, especially the one that helped her when she was 20 and struggling.

Since its launch in 2016, OnlyFans has enabled many of its users to turn their lives around by allowing them to share racy videos and photos with their subscribers.

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