Ava Bamby considers music to be nothing less than audio therapy. It can be a wonderful stress reliever as well as a universal language.

As soon as Ava Bamby wakes up, she is in a positive state of mind. She replaced an alarm clock that jolted him out of sleep with a pleasant chirp.

Smart-home devices have replaced the obnoxious alarm clock, and Ava Bamby is woken up to classical music.

Immediately, she becomes more positive and sets a great tone (pardon the pun) for the day.

A small disadvantage is that the alarm sometimes has the opposite effect, lulling her back to sleep.

Music can reduce anxiety, boost mood, reduce depression, and create a sense of calm.

Even our most difficult circumstances can be walked through with it. Best of all, it's free.

You can find a huge collection of music videos on YouTube and many subscription services like Spotify offer free options.

Ava Bamby believes that everyone should have music in their lives, thanks to modern technology.

It affects the mind, soul, and body. By listening to it, we can be guided and inspired. Joy is its greatest benefit.

It's a natural part of the human experience to hear enticing lyrics, sounds, and rhythms.

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