Sania, Shoaib announce 'The Mirza Malik Show'

There have been rumours abounding that Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik are divorcing.

The story has taken a newturn as Sania and Shoaib are ready to host a newTV show together.

Numerous sources report the couple divorced, but none spoke publicly about the tense situation due to legal concerns.

Mirza Malik will host a show titled 'The Mirza Malik Show.'

The show was announced and its first look was shared by Shoaib last March.

The Mirza Malik Show will be released on Urduflix, Pakistan's first Urdu OTT platform.

There will be one-hour episodes of the chat show, led by world athletic superstars

With hilarious, lighthearted, and encouraging content and no contentious India-Pakistan content

Guests will be unhappy. Unlike Kapil Sharma, Shoaib & Sania will have similar content.

In addition to being one of India's most popular comedies, it will also be appropriate for families.