In the action comedy Shamshera, Ranbir Kapoor portrays a larger-than-life version of the archetypal Hindi film hero.

Due to the shooting schedule for Shamshera, he travelled to Ladakh for the first time in his life.

He was awestruck by Ladakh's Nubra Valley, where he filmed an action scene and the stunningly magnificent love ballad Fitoor with Vaani Kapoor.

"Ladakh truly gives you the time landscape," adds Ranbir, "when you do films like Shamshera you really have to be in a specific zone.

It was my first time ever visiting Ladakh, and it was stunning. There, an action scene, a song, and Shamshera's introduction were all filmed.

The crew endured an erratic storm, rain, and blizzard while filming in Nubra, which put the entire shoot schedule in jeopardy.

How you handle 200 to 300 visitors at an outdoor event will make all the difference, says Ranbir.

Karan Malhotra, the director, continues, "Nubra just took my breath away and is a place that I had never been before in my life.

It's a great place to visit. Nubra has a desert, water, vegetation, and snow. We lacked control.

We all act in control while we're acting in movies, yet a lot of things get out of hand.

Nubra Valley gave Shamshera its unique look and feel, says Karan.