Srushti Tawde is a 20-year-old Indian rapper.

One of India's upcoming rappers, this young rapper hails from India.

Srushti Tawde became associated with a MTV show during the course of her career.

He participated in many reality shows, and she was invited to many of them.

Her distinctive image has lead the judges of the reality show and the public to call her the best rapper or emerging Indian rapper.

Srushti Tawde is considered to be one of India's most talented teenage rappers and singers today because of this.

His MTV hustle 2.0 program is currently available on Voot.

Mumbai-based actress and model Srushti Tawde was born in 2002.

Srushti Tawde's well-being suggested she would become a poet, but she eventually became a rapper-singer instead, which she did.

According to Srushti Tawde, she earns approximately Rs 5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh per month.