Tanya Pardazi, 21, dies in a skydiving accident

An accident while skydiving claimed Tanya Pardazi's life at the age of 21.

After the dive, Pardazi's main parachute did not open in time, resulting in her death.

Tanya released a rapidly rotating main parachute at a low altitude, without waiting for the reserve parachute to inflate.

Amongst the student's new friends and fellow jumpers at Skydive Toronto Inc., Pardazi will be missed.

Pardazi was taken to the hospital following the freak accident.

On arrival, authorities pronounced the influencer dead due to her injuries.

Pardazi studied philosophy at the University of Toronto and was a semi-finalist in Miss Canada in 2017.

In addition to skydiving, she was a student at Skydive Toronto.

She spoke about going skydiving "a couple of days ago" in her last video dated August 22.