Following the disastrous Perth meet and greet, Anna Paul has finally broken her silence and told her side of the story.

Taking to TikTok, the 23-year-old said police were informed of the incident before it occurred on Sunday.

Her brother Atis Paul and boyfriend Glen Thomson joined her for the "shutting down of Perth".

No one was seriously injured in this whole experience. 

All we cared about was that nobody got seriously injured; we're so grateful for that," she begins.

She then goes into detail about how the event was planned and admits that she hadn't even imagined 200 people would attend.

It was a surprise that over 200 people came to Sydney, I thought only 100 would show up... We thought we'd wait there, but people started lining up there," she says.

As a result of fan requests, she extended the Sydney meet-and-greet.

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