Unknown facts of Shraddha Walkar murder case

A few inside details about the murder case can be found below:

Aaftab googled how to clean blood stains from a floor.

The only language Aaftab communicates with cops is English.

After Shraddha's murder, Aaftab threw her clothes into a garbage truck.

Delhi Police sources say forensic experts recovered 10 samples of human remains today.

Police bring Aaftab Poonawala to Mehrauli jungle to search for Shraddha's body parts.

Shraddha's murder prompted Aaftab to use dating apps.

Cops question Shraddha and Aaftab's common friend.

The deceased's father has demanded the accused's death.

There has not yet been any evidence of finding the murder weapon.

In Maharashtra, Aaftab threw Shradha's phone out of a window, which has not yet been recovered.