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Xavier Musk Elon’s Musk son, best biography 2022, Age, Height, Networth


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Who is Xavier Musk?

xavier musk
xavier musk

Xavier Musk is a celebrity kid from the United States. A billionaire father named Elon Musk is the father of Elon Musk. Furthermore, Elon Musk is a famous entrepreneur and innovator who founded Tesla and SpaceX, founded The Boring Company, and co-founded OpenAI, Neuralink, among others. Aside from that, Justine Musk, his mother, is a Canadian author.


Xavier Musk biography

In April 2004, Xavier Musk was born through IVF with a twin brother, Griffin. His parents resided in the United States. In 1999, Musk created, now known as PayPal, as his father Elon Musk was an entrepreneur and businessman. Elon Musk made his first million when he sold Zip2 to Google in his late twenties. Additionally, SpaceX launched its first commercial rocket in 2012 that would take a vehicle to the International Space Station.

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Xavier Musk Wiki biography

Xavier Musk was born in 2004 in the Musk family, according to Elon Musk’s wiki. Most people know him as the son of tech investor and engineer Elon Musk. As of this writing, Xavier is a school student. Justine and Elon separated in 2008, so Xavier currently lives with her mother Justine. Elon and Justine have yet to clarify the reasons for their divorce.


They both have different versions of events. Meanwhile, Xavier continues to frequent his father’s business. Additionally, he attends an annual camp with his brothers. Xavier has attended concerts and trips with many popular celebrities. One of the world’s most famous families is the Musks. Xavier’s father is Elon Musk, an entrepreneur in the tech industry.

Elon Musk is known for founding Tesla Motors. Justine Musk, who is also a Canadian author, is his mother. Several of her books have been published. Additionally, Xavier Musk has a twin brother by the name of Griffin Musk. Xavier Musk also has three brothers and sisters.

Also, Xavier had a brother who passed away from illness named Nevada Alexander Musk. His parents, however, are no longer together. Their marriage ended in 2008 when Elon and Justine separated. Elon’s factory in California is constantly visited by Xavier.

His mother is currently caring for him. His grandparents also love him dearly. Besides his grandfather Maye Musk, he is also an accomplished businessman. Besides being a model and dietician, she is well known.

Full NameXavier Musk
Popular ForSon of Elon Musk
Age (As in 2021)17 years old
Date of BirthApril 15, 2004
Zodiac signAries
Birth PlaceUnited States of America
Xavier Musk biography

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Xavier Musk Age as of 2022

There is no doubt that fans of celebrities are always curious about all the small details related to their personal lives. What is the age of Xavier Musk in this case? He was born in the United States of America in 2004 and celebrates his birthday on 15th April. As of 2022, he is 18 years old, according to wiki.

Xavier Musk Height & Weight

What is the height of Xavier Musk? Xavier Musk has a tall and handsome build. According to Xavier Musk’s height estimates, he stands 5 feet 4 inches tall. His weight averages 50 kg, and he maintains a muscular body. His hair color is blonde, and his eyes are black.

Height5 feet 4 inches
Eye ColorBlack
Weight50 Kilogram
Xavier Musk Height & Weight

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Xavier Musk Education

In addition to Xavier, Griffin attends Ad Astra School, an Elon-funded private school. If Elon had his children attend another school, one can be sure they would receive a quality education.

As part of its mission, Ad Astra School nurtures students’ curiosity in order to help them “re-calibrate their relationship with the unknown and unlock their boundless potential.” Through Science and Exploration, the school encourages children to discover new opportunities for learning.

Xavier Musk Family (Father Elon Musk)

In January 2000, Elon married Xavier’s mother Justine. It was at Queen’s University in Ontario that the two fell in love for the first time in the early 1990s. Nevada Alexander Musk, who was born in 2002, died just 10 weeks after his birth after suffering from Sudden Infant Death Syndrom (SIDS).

The two subsequent twins were born to Elon and Justine through in vitro fertilization (IVF) on April 15, 2004. It was also through IVF that the trio of triplet sons Kai Musk, Saxon Musk, and Damian Musk were born on 1st January 2006.On 13th September 2008, after eight years of marriage, they divorced and divided custody of their children.

Justine has not been involved in a relationship after their divorce, but Elon has been in a number of relationships since their divorce.Talulah Riley was an English actress who Elon started dating after he divorced Justine. They dated several times and knew each other well before getting married in 2010.


In July 2013, they remarried after they briefly divorced in January 2012. In addition, they went their separate ways in late 2016 and do not have children together.He still dates other women. At the time, he was dating a Canadian singer and songwriter known as Grimes, whose real name was Claire Elise Boucher.

Their relationship began when they met online on 7th May 2018 and later they announced they were dating.After announcing her pregnancy on 8th January 2020, Grimes gave birth to their first child, a boy, on 4th May 2020. Their son was originally named X * A-12, but his name was changed to X Æ A-Xii.

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Xavier Musk Career

Xavier hasn’t pursued his career yet and is busy with his studies, so there was no information on his professional career. Nevertheless, he managed to grow up exactly like his father and build a successful career just like him. It is certain that he will become a successful businessman if he does so.

His most notable position is being the son of Elon Musk, a famous entrepreneur and CEO. In addition to appearing frequently on his father’s Instagram, he also appears in media outlets covering the Musk family.

Xavier Musk Relationship Status, girlfriend

When it comes to Xavier’s relationship status, he is single at the moment. Both his family and career are very important to him. He is still too young for any kind of relationship.

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Xavier Musk Net Worth 2022

It is not known how much Xavier is worth. Since he is currently attending school, he does not have a job. His brothers, on the other hand, are already rich. Their successful father is the reason for this. Tesla Motors is owned by Elon Musk, who is currently ranked among the world’s biggest money makers.

His net worth is a staggering $19.2 billion dollars. Additionally, Justine’s mother has earned a lot of money with her career. Several of her books have been successful, and some have been very successful

Estimated Net Worth (As in 2021)Approx. $1 million
Xavier Musk Net Worth

Xavier Musk Instagram, twitter, etc.

He does not use social media, even though his father Elon Musk is a billionaire. Neither Twitter, Instagram, nor Facebook are official accounts for him. To have his entire focus on his career, he prefers to keep his personal life private.

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Some interesting Facts of Xavier Musk

  • A native of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Justine Wilson is Xavier Musk’s mother.
  • In her youth, Justine lived in Peterborough.
  • She earned a degree in English Literature from Queen’s University in Kingston.
  • The couple married in January 2000. Elon Musk founded Tesla and SpaceX.
  • In 2002, Nevada, their first child, died suddenly at the age of 10 weeks due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Her IVF efforts eventually led to the birth of twin boys, Griffin and Xavier, in 2004; followed by triplets Damian, Saxon and Kai in 2006.
  • She announced her divorce from Musk on September 13, 2008.
  • Later, she explained to Marie Claire that she thought the marriage was unhealthy in an article titled “I Was a Starter Wife,” in which she stated that Elon Musk continually belittled her, discouraged her from taking career opportunities, and pressured her to dye her hair blonde.
  • According to her 2010 claim, Talulah Riley was Musk’s second ex-wife and a “model ex-wife”.
  • As well, Xavier Musk doesn’t use social media.

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FAQ related to Xavier Musk

What school does Xavier Musk attend?

Ad Astra School is where Xavier Musk studies. Elon Musk’s father funds this school. He attends the same school with his brothers.

Griffin and Xavier are twins, or are they not?

Xavier and Griffin Musk are twins
Xavier and Griffin Musk were born in 2004 to Musk and his then-wife Justine. Xavier and Griffin Musk, now 17, were conceived by IVF. They are largely unknown. The children are shared by Musk and Justine.

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