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Blake Corum’s Parents: Unveiling Christin and James – A Quick Guide

by Arbab Jamil / January 9, 2024

Meet Blake Corum: A Rising Football Talent

Blake Corum, born on November 25, 2000, in Marshall, Virginia, is a 23-year-old American football player. He’s a running back for the Michigan Wolverines Football team, wearing jersey number 2. Blake completed high school at St. Frances Academy and is now studying at the University of Michigan.

In football, he’s coached by Jay Harbaugh, playing as a Sophomore. His parents are James Corum and Christin Corum. Besides football, Blake is known for his Christian faith and family values.

While the initial mention spoke of Blake as a wide receiver for the Los Angeles Chargers, it’s crucial to note that there might be some confusion in the details. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have information about Blake Corum playing professionally for the Los Angeles Chargers. It’s recommended to check the latest and accurate details from reliable sources.

Blake Corum: How Big and Strong Is He?

Blake Corum, the football star, is a big guy on the field. Picture this: he’s 6 feet 4 inches tall, making him a towering presence. And when it comes to weight, he’s a solid 210 pounds – that’s like having a powerhouse on your team!

His height and weight combo makes him just right for his position, giving him the strength to handle tough defenders in the NFL. Blake’s not just big; he’s also quick and knows how to run those plays perfectly. Whether he’s catching passes or making sure his teammates get through, Blake’s size plays a huge role in how awesome he is on the field.

Blake Corum’s Cash Score: Breaking Down His Net Worth

Blake Corum, the football star, isn’t just scoring on the field but also in his bank account. As of 2023, he’s got around $5 million to his name – that’s a lot of zeros! This money comes from playing football, signing deals with big brands like Nike and Adidas, and being the face of cool stuff like Under Armour.

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But Blake isn’t just about the cash. He’s smart with his money, investing in things like houses and stocks, making his wealth grow even when he’s not on the turf.

What’s cool about Blake is that he’s not flashing his cash just for show. He’s a down-to-earth guy who cares about helping others. He gives some of his money to good causes and supports charities that make a difference in people’s lives.

So, whether he’s running on the field or making a positive impact off it, Blake Corum is winning in more ways than one.

Blake Corum’s Early Days in Football

Blake Corum was born on November 25, 2000, in Los Angeles, California, and he basically grew up with a football in his hands. His dad, James, used to play football too, so you could say it runs in the family.

Blake didn’t waste any time – he started playing football when he was just a kid, and guess what? He was so good that scouts noticed him while he played for his high school and local teams. They especially liked how he rocked it as a wide receiver.

Then, Blake took his football skills to the University of Southern California. He didn’t just play; he became one of the star players, helping his team win some really important games. After doing awesome in college, he decided to go pro and got picked by the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL Draft’s second round. Talk about making it big in the football world!

Blake Corum’s Amazing Parents: The Real MVPs in His Life

In the heart of Blake Corum’s journey stand his incredible parents, James and Christin Corum, the architects of his life and career. Hailing from the cozy town of Marshall, Virginia, the Corum family cultivated strong values and an unyielding work ethic that have shaped Blake’s path.

James, a former wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams in the 1980s, passed on his passion for football to Blake. After retiring in 1996, James transitioned to a landscaping business, showcasing not only his athletic prowess but also a family history of craftsmanship, with both father and grandfather excelling as skilled stone masons.

Christin Corum, a beacon of strength and dedication, embarked on a journey of hard work early in life as a restaurant waiter at 14. Despite the demands of her job, Christin wholeheartedly nurtured Blake and his three sisters – Skye, Starr, and Rainn. As a devoted stay-at-home mom, she ensured her children received a quality education, becoming the cornerstone of their upbringing.

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Blake says his parents are a big deal in his life. His dad passed on the love for football, even starting a landscaping business after retiring. His mom, Christin, worked hard but always supported him and his sisters. According to Blake, his parents are his heroes, shaping him into the awesome person he is today. The Corum family’s cool history and lots of love keep cheering him on!

Blake Corum’s Family Hub: A Peek into Their Residence

Blake Corum’s story begins in a cozy town called Marshall, Virginia. Picture around 2,000 friendly folks, and that’s the place where Blake spent his teenage years. It’s the kind of town where everyone knows everyone, and Blake soaked up all the good vibes and community spirit, making memories that will stick with him forever.

But life had more adventures in store. After graduating high school, Blake, along with his awesome parents, James and Christin Corum, packed up and headed to Laurel, Maryland. That’s where he attended Saint Frances Academy, adding another chapter to his journey.

Then came a big move in 2020. Blake, James, and Christin made their way to Ann Arbor, Michigan, marking a new chapter as Blake joined the University of Michigan. It’s a whole new setting, but the Corum family takes every move in stride, turning each one into an opportunity for new experiences and growth.

Blake’s childhood was a mix of different places, including a stint on his granddad’s farm in 2005 while their family home was getting a makeover. Surrounded by nature, Blake developed a love for the outdoors that stayed with him. Each move, each place – it all adds up to the unique journey that shaped Blake Corum into the person he is today.

Blake Corum’s Roots: Diversity and Giving Back

Blake Corum comes from a mix of backgrounds – his dad, James, is African-American, and his mom, Christin, is Caucasian. Together, they make Blake’s family a beautiful blend of different heritages.

Growing up in a Christian family, Blake often talks about how important his faith is to him. It’s not just about football; it’s about the values he learned at home.

And when it comes to giving back, Blake recently used some of his earnings to make Thanksgiving special for 600 families. He gave out turkeys, showing that his heart is as big as his talent on the football field. It’s a way for Blake to say thanks to the community that means a lot to him.

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Blake’s Amazing Sisters: Skye, Starr, and Rainn

Blake Corum isn’t just a football star; he’s also a great big brother to Skye, Starr, and Rainn Corum. Even though they’re younger, they’re like his own team, helping him succeed in football and in life.

Blake always talks about his sisters with love. They’re not just family; they’re the people who inspire him. Whether he’s scoring goals in football or facing challenges outside the game, Blake’s sisters are always there to support him.

In the end, Blake Corum’s story is more than just about football victories; it’s about the strong bond with his sisters that has been with him every step of the way.

Blake Corum’s Love Journey: Meet Makiah Shipp

Blake Corum isn’t just making headlines on the football field; he’s also creating a love story with Makiah Shipp. Makiah, born on August 21, 2002, in Michigan, is not just Blake’s girlfriend; she’s a dedicated advocate for social justice and youth causes.

Growing up in Detroit with her family, Makiah, along with her two older siblings, was raised by her mother, Mauretta Andrews. Despite facing challenges in her upbringing, Makiah found inspiration in her mother and her experiences shaped her into the person she is today.

Makiah is actively involved with Midnight Golf and the Rhonda Walker Foundation, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact. In 2019, she even completed a research internship at the University of Michigan School of Education, earning a scholarship from the university.

Blake and Makiah’s love story began in early 2022, and while they prefer to keep their relationship private, their journey together adds a touch of romance to Blake’s off-field life.

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who is Blake Corum?
    Blake Corum is a prominent American football player.
  2. How old is Blake Corum?
    At 23 years old, Blake Corum has already made a significant impact in football.
  3. Who are Blake Corum’s parents?
    James Corum is his father, and Christin Corum is his mother.
  4. What is Blake Corum’s ethnicity?
    Blake Corum has a mixed ethnicity.
  5. What position does Blake Corum play in football?
    Blake Corum is a running back for the University of Michigan Wolverines football team.
  6. Did Blake Corum play other sports in high school?
    Yes, Blake excelled in track and field, setting records in the 100-meter dash and the 4×100-meter relay.
  7. Where is Blake Corum originally from?
    Blake Corum hails from Laurel, Maryland, in the United States.
  8. How has Blake Corum’s family influenced his football career?
    James and Christin Corum have been consistent supporters, with James offering insights from his NFL experience, and Christin creating a supportive atmosphere.
  9. Who is Blake Corum currently dating?
    Blake is in a relationship with Makiah Shipp, a social justice and youth advocate.
  10. Does Blake Corum have siblings?
    Yes, Blake takes pride in being the older brother to three sisters: Skye, Starr, and Rainn Corum.


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