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Carson Beck Parents, Bio, Sister, Career, Journey & more

Carson Beck, the quarterback playing for the Georgia Bulldogs, comes from a family that’s been by his side through his journey. He was born on November 19 in Jacksonville, Florida, and grew up with his parents, Chris and Tracy Beck, and his sister Kylie Beck.

Carson’s family has been a crucial part of his life and career in football. His parents, Chris and Tracy, have supported and guided him along the way, cheering him on from the sidelines. Growing up in a supportive environment has played a big role in Carson’s achievements on the field.

Being a quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs is a big deal, but Carson’s family is a big part of his story too. They’ve been there through his wins, losses, and the journey that led him to where he is today. Understanding Carson’s background gives us a glimpse into the person behind the quarterback jersey, showing us the support and love that have shaped his career in football.

Carson’s Football Journey

Carson had quite the high school journey at Mandarin High School in Jacksonville. His skill on the football field stood out, earning him a big title in 2018—Florida Mr. Football—while he was still a junior. People noticed him all across the country because of his amazing stats and how good he was at playing quarterback. In fact, 247 Sports ranked him as the fourth-best pro-style quarterback in the whole country. That’s a really big deal!

His time at Mandarin High School wasn’t just about winning awards. Carson’s talent and performance made him a standout player, not just in his city or state, but in the whole country. People knew his name and were really impressed by how he played. Being named Florida Mr. Football showed just how much he stood out among all the great high school football players in the state.

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Carson’s Details

BornNovember 19, 2002 (age 21)
PlaceJacksonville, Florida, U.S.
Height6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight220 lb (100 kg)
personal information of Carson

Meet Carson’s Parents

  • Chris Beck:
    Chris, a former linebacker from the Naval Academy, passed on his passion for sports to his son, Carson. He’s Carson’s biggest cheerleader, showing off his son’s accomplishments all over social media, especially on Twitter. Chris is super proud of Carson’s achievements, and he loves shouting about them from the virtual rooftops!
    Having been a player himself, Chris understands the game and how hard Carson works to achieve his dreams. He beams with pride whenever Carson shines on the field. You can often catch Chris sharing photos, videos, and heartfelt messages, telling everyone how awesome his son is doing in football. He’s like Carson’s biggest fan, making sure everyone knows just how amazing his son is and how proud he is of all that Carson achieves.
  • Tracy Beck:
    Tracy, who’s originally from Maryland, has been part of Florida’s Duval County Public Schools. She’s a proud mom and loves to share about her children on her Facebook and Twitter. Carson, her son, is a football star, and Tracy is always excited to talk about his successes on the field. Whether it’s a great game or an award he’s won, Tracy beams with pride when sharing Carson’s achievements. Her daughter Kylie is into modeling, and Tracy’s social media is full of posts about her daughter’s accomplishments in that field too. Tracy loves to highlight all the great things her kids are doing, and she’s always there to support and cheer them on in whatever they pursue. It’s clear that family means a lot to Tracy, and she’s all about celebrating the wonderful things her children do.

Kylie Beck: Carson’s Supportive Sister

Kylie Beck, Carson’s sister, is quite ambitious. She’s achieved several pageant titles and has a strong interest in modeling. But Kylie’s dreams don’t stop there. She wants to become a nutritionist and work with NFL teams, aiming to combine her passion for health with her love for football. Carson, her brother, plays a big role in her life. He’s not just her brother; he’s also her source of inspiration and support.

They share a tight bond, and Carson’s success in football motivates Kylie to chase after her dreams. She’s determined to make a mark in the world of nutrition and sports, with Carson cheering her on every step of the way. Their close relationship is a driving force for Kylie as she strives to achieve her goals and aspirations.

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A Family of Dreams and Support

In the heart of Carson and Kylie’s family lies a beautiful tale of encouragement, triumph, and aspirations. Carson, with his exceptional talent in football, shines brightly on the field. His achievements, including being named the 2018 Florida Mr. Football, paint a picture of his dedication and hard work. Meanwhile, Kylie is on her own journey, delving into the world of modeling while nurturing dreams beyond the runway. Her passion for becoming a nutritionist and making an impact in sports nutrition and social work shows her multifaceted interests and determination to contribute positively to the world.

Their parents, Chris and Tracy, are the silent forces behind their children’s success. They stand as unwavering pillars of support, cheering for Carson’s touchdowns and Kylie’s modeling triumphs. Tracy, employed in Florida’s Duval County Public Schools, proudly showcases her children’s milestones on social media, be it Carson’s sports achievements or Kylie’s successes in modeling. Through her posts, she exemplifies a proud mother, boasting about her children’s accomplishments with immense joy and admiration.

The Beck family represents unity, encouragement, and the pursuit of dreams. Together, they form a tapestry of unwavering support, where each member’s journey, aspirations, and achievements intertwine to create a beautiful narrative of ambition, dedication, and familial love. Their shared successes and individual pursuits create a harmonious symphony of accomplishment, guided by the loving embrace of a family that values and supports each other’s dreams.


Carson Beck, the Georgia Bulldogs quarterback, has a supportive family that’s been there every step of his football journey. His parents, Chris and Tracy Beck, have been his biggest supporters, cheering him on through his games and awards. Growing up in a supportive home has helped Carson excel on the field.

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His high school football days at Mandarin High School in Jacksonville were filled with success, earning him the prestigious title of Florida Mr. Football in 2018. Carson’s dad, Chris, a former linebacker, proudly shares Carson’s achievements on social media, showing how proud he is of his son. Carson’s mom, Tracy, also celebrates his victories online, highlighting Carson’s football journey alongside his sister Kylie’s modeling successes.

The Becks represent a family filled with encouragement, hard work, and dreams. Carson’s achievements in football and Kylie’s aspirations in modeling and nutrition underscore the family’s support for each other’s pursuits. Together, they paint a picture of a tight-knit family bound by love and shared ambitions.


  1. Who is Carson Beck?
    Carson Beck is a talented quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs, known for his football skills and winning the 2018 Florida Mr. Football award.
  2. Tell me about Carson Beck’s family.
    Carson’s family includes parents Chris and Tracy, who proudly support his football career, and his sister Kylie.
  3. What’s remarkable about Carson Beck’s high school football journey?
    He excelled at Mandarin High School, winning the prestigious Florida Mr. Football award.
  4. How do Carson Beck’s parents support him?
    Chris, a former player, and Tracy, who works at a school, actively cheer for Carson and celebrate his achievements on social media.
  5. Who is Carson Beck’s sister, Kylie?
    Kylie Beck is ambitious, winning pageant titles and aspiring to be a nutritionist, inspired by her brother’s success.
  6. What defines the Beck family?
    Support, encouragement, and pursuing dreams—Carson’s football success and Kylie’s ambitions are celebrated by their loving parents, representing a close-knit family.

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