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Exploring Shadab Khan: Height, Age, Relationships, Family, and Biography

Shadab Khan: The Versatile Pakistani Cricket Star

Shadab Khan, born on October 4, 1998, is a prominent Pakistani cricketer known for his versatile skills on the field. Hailing from Mianwali, Pakistan, he has made significant contributions to the Pakistan national cricket team. Shadab serves as the captain for Islamabad United in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) and represents Northern in domestic cricket.

Renowned as an all-rounder, Shadab Khan holds the distinction of being Pakistan’s most successful T20I bowler. His crafty leg-spin and sharp accuracy make him a formidable force on the cricket field. Additionally, Shadab is widely acknowledged as one of the best fielders in Pakistan, showcasing his agility and athleticism.

Having been centrally contracted by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) since 2022, Shadab Khan’s cricket journey is marked by noteworthy achievements. He played a pivotal role in the Pakistan team’s triumph at the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy, showcasing his prowess at the international level.

Born in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on October 4, 1998, Shadab Khan has become a contemporary figure in the cricketing world. His leg-spin tactics, combined with strategic bowling techniques, often lure batters into making costly mistakes. Shadab’s role extends beyond national representation, as he plays a vital part in Islamabad United in PSL and represents Northern in domestic cricket competitions.

As of 2022, Shadab Khan continues to be a centrally contracted player, reflecting his consistent performance and value to the Pakistan cricket team. His journey exemplifies a commitment to excellence, making him a celebrated figure in Pakistani cricket.

Shadab Khan: Key Details

Details Information
Date of Birth October 04, 1998
Age 26 Years
Birth Place Mianwali, Pakistan
Residence Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Country Pakistan
Profession Cricketer
Education Graduate from local High School
Siblings Mehtab Khan (Brother)
Religion Islam
Spouse Saqlain Mushtaq’s Daughter
Horoscope Libra
Weight 72
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Net Worth Pakistan: $50,000, Islamabad United: $170,000, Brisbane Heat: $40,000

Shadab Khan’s Physical Stats

Shadab Khan’s physical attributes include a height of approximately 178 cm (5′ 8″) and a weight of around 65 kg (143 lbs). His eye color is Hazel Brown, adding a distinct charm to his appearance, complemented by his dark brown hair. These features contribute to Shadab Khan’s overall presence and persona as a cricketer.

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Shadab Khan: Local High School Graduate

Shadab Khan’s education details are not extensively available, but according to sources, he is a graduate. He completed his education at the local high school, marking the culmination of his academic journey. The specific details about his field of study or further educational pursuits are not disclosed, but his graduation from the local high school signifies a foundational level of education in his life.

Shadab Khan’s Cricket Journey

Shadab Khan’s cricket journey began with a remarkable debut for Pakistan in ODIs, Tests, and T20 matches against West Indies in 2016. His T20 debut showcased his bowling prowess, taking three wickets for just 7 runs against West Indies, earning him recognition as one of the best in Pakistan’s lineup.

In the same year, Shadab played in the 2017 Big Bash League for Brisbane Heat and the 2017 Caribbean Premier League for Knight Riders. His performance earned him a spot in the 15-man squad for Pakistan in the 2019 Cricket World Cup. Additionally, he represented Edmonton Royals in the 2019 Global T20 Canada tournament.

Health reasons led to his exclusion from Pakistan’s tour against England in 2019, but he made a strong comeback during the World Cup, securing his 15th ODI wicket against South Africa.

In 2020, Shadab faced health challenges and was unable to participate in the Test match against England and T20 matches. However, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) confirmed his inclusion in Pakistan’s squad for the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup, highlighting his ongoing significance in the team.

Shadab Khan’s Achievements in Cricket

Shadab Khan’s cricket journey has been adorned with accolades and record-breaking moments, showcasing his exceptional skills on the field. Notable among these achievements are:


  • Player of the Match on debut in T20Is against West Indies in March 2017.
  • Emerging Player of the Year at the PCB Awards in 2018.
  • PCB’s T20I Player of the Year in 2018 and 2020.


  • Youngest player to take a hat-trick in the Pakistan Super League in 2019.
  • Record for the second fastest 50 in the history of PSL, scoring 50 runs off 28 balls in 2018.
  • Best bowling figures by a Pakistani in a T20 match, taking 4 wickets for just 13 runs against West Indies in September 2018.
  • Third-best bowling figures by a Pakistani in a Test innings, taking 5 wickets for just 51 runs against Sri Lanka in December 2019.
  • Record for the most wickets in a single edition of PSL, claiming 14 wickets in 2018.
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Shadab Khan: Cricket Star and Personal Life

Shadab Khan, born in 1998 in Mianwali, Punjab, is a 24-year-old Pakistani cricketer. He hails from Mianwali, Northwest Punjab, Pakistan. Shadab, known for his cricketing skills, tied the knot with Malaika Saqlain, the daughter of Pakistani cricket coach and former international player Saqlain Mushtaq, on 23 January 2023.

Shadab Khan embarked on a new chapter in his life by tying the knot with his wife. The union took place on 23 January 2023 in an intimate ceremony. Shadab’s wife’s name remains undisclosed, as per the family’s preference for privacy.

Expressing his sentiments on Twitter, Shadab shared, “I am becoming a part of my mentor Saqlain Mushtaq’s family. Ever since I started playing cricket, I wanted to keep my private life separate. My wife has the same wish; she wants her life to remain private. I kindly request you to respect the choice of my wife and our family.”


Shadab Khan faced a verbal clash with Sarfraz Ahmed during the 3rd ODI against England. This incident involved a disagreement over a catch, with former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara expressing his views on the situation.

Shadab Khan’s Favorites

Shadab Khan’s favorites reflect his diverse interests beyond cricket. From admiring cricket legends like Steven Smith, Shane Warne, and Jose Hazlewood to expressing a love for football, Shadab enjoys a variety of sports. His fondness for the Kensington Oval in Barbados and support for Real Madrid showcase his passion for cricket and football.

Karachi, his hometown, holds a special place in his heart, and New Zealand is his preferred travel destination. Achaar Gosht stands out as his favorite food, offering a taste of his culinary preferences. In the realm of entertainment, Shadab appreciates Lollywood’s “Bol,” and his musical choices include the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and the song “Dillagi.”

Overall, Shadab Khan’s favorites provide a glimpse into his diverse tastes, revealing a well-rounded personality beyond the cricket field.

Shadab Khan: Lesser Known Facts

  • Shadab Khan is an international cricketer who plays for the Pakistan National team as a leg spinner and a lower-order attacking batter. He was made the vice-captain of the Pakistan side for the 2021 ICC Men’s T20 World Cup in September 2021.
  • He is known for using the bowling crease to good effect. He prefers bowling too wide or too close to the bowling stump that makes it difficult for the batter to adjust with the angle of the delivery. He also loves bowling bit-Slow with higher trajectories, unlike other modern-day spinners that could entice the batter to play a forcing shot in the air and ends up losing his wicket. 64% of his total T201 wickets are “Out Caught”.
  • He was raised up in a small town in Mianwali District in Northwest Punjab (Pakistan). Since childhood, he wanted to be a cricketer just like his elder brother. He then started playing cricket on the rough pitches in a farming community near the banks of the Indus River in Punjab province – which is also home to Prime Minister Khan and fellow Pakistan Test player Misbah-ul-Haq. Shadab there practiced daily where he developed his signature leg-break and attacking batting. In 2012, his family shifted to Rawalpindi where he started playing cricket at a nearby club. His childhood coach told about him that
  • Shoaib Khan is an international cricketer who plays for the Pakistan national team is a leg spinner and a lower-order a taking better. He was made the wise captain of the Pakistan side for the 2021 ICC mens T20 world cup in September 2021.
  • His long time friend Raja Falak share records a time spend with him by saying. While playing under 17 for a domestic team he then realised that he can represent his country in cricket at an international level.
  • In the same tour he also made his ODI debut against the same side. Though he Couldn’t perform much but managed the circle wickets of Sai hope and their captain Jason holder. This time West Indies won that match with four wickets.
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  • What is Shadab Khan’s profession?
    Shadab Khan is a Pakistani cricketer by profession.
  • Who are Shadab Khan’s siblings?
    Shadab’s siblings include Mehtab Khan.
  • Is Shadab Khan a successful bowler?
    Yes, Shadab Khan is Pakistan’s most successful T20I bowler.
  • How old is Shadab Khan as of October 2023?
    Shadab Khan is 25 years old.
  • What is Shadab Khan’s height?
    Shadab Khan stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall.
  • What is Shadab Khan’s net worth?
    Shadab Khan’s net worth is reported as Pakistan: $50,000, Islamabad United: $170,000, and Brisbane Heat: $40,000.
  • Where did Shadab Khan complete his education?
    Shadab Khan graduated from a local high school.
  • Who is Shadab Khan’s wife?
    Shadab Khan’s wife is Saqlain Mushtaq’s daughter.
  • What is Shadab Khan’s weight?
    Shadab Khan weighs 72 kg.

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