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Harrison Wilson III: A Legacy Explored – Biography, Career, and Family Life with Kids

by Arbab Jamil / January 9, 2024

Harrison Benjamin Wilson III: A Pioneer in Sports and Leadership

Russell Wilson’s dad, Harrison Benjamin Wilson III, was a super athlete and a real groundbreaker. He played football and baseball at Dartmouth University, where there weren’t many African American athletes. He even helped start the first black fraternity at Dartmouth.

In baseball, he rocked the infield, and on the football field, he was a top-notch wide receiver. Even though he could have gone pro in the NFL, he chose law school at the University of Virginia in 1977, putting his football dreams on hold.

Harrison had a shot with the San Diego Chargers in preseason games, but he didn’t make it to the regular season. After graduating in 1980, he became a lawyer and did some big things in the sports world, running the Hard Road to Glory Sports Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, he battled diabetes later in life, and it sadly led to his passing in 2010. Harrison’s story is about more than just sports – it’s about facing challenges, leading the way, and leaving a mark both in the game and in life.

Harrison Wilson III: Key Details

Attribute Details
Full Name Harrison Wilson III
Profession Attorney
Gender Male
Religion Christianity
Birthday 9th November 1954
Age 68 years old
Tribe African-American
Nationality American
Body Type Athletic
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Education Dartmouth College
Father’s Name Harrison Wilson Jr.
Mother’s Name Anna Wilson
Siblings Brothers: John R. Wilson, Richard A. Wilson, Benjamin F Wilson; Sisters: Jennifer Wilson, April Woodard
Marital Status Unknown
In Relation With Tammy Wilson
Favorite Russell Wilson Jersey
Net Worth Unknown

Professional Journey of Harrison Wilson III

Harrison Wilson III embarked on his professional journey as a dual-sport athlete during his Dartmouth University days, making significant strides as the lone athlete in the college league. His impact extended beyond the playing fields, contributing to the establishment of the university’s first black fraternity.

Demonstrating remarkable prowess, Wilson thrived as a wide receiver in football and an infielder in baseball. While his college years showcased his skills in both sports, he faced a setback in the NFL journey, missing the selection with the San Diego Chargers due to workout performance.

Post-graduation in 1980, Wilson transitioned to the legal arena, pursuing education at the University of Virginia. Becoming an attorney, he played pivotal roles as the legal counsel for various companies. His journey reached new heights as he assumed the role of the executive director of the Hard Road to Glory Sports Hall of Fame, leaving an indelible mark on the sports administration landscape.

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Dartmouth Days: Harrison’s College Journey

Harrison Wilson III’s collegiate chapter unfolded at Dartmouth College, where he joined the Class of 1977. Following in the footsteps of his older brother Benjamin, who attended in 1973, Harrison paved the way for his younger siblings, with John joining in 1980 and Richard in 1985.

During his four years at Dartmouth, Harrison showcased his athletic prowess as a receiver and split end on the football team. Remarkably, his football skills mirrored those of his younger son, Russell, according to Benjamin. The resemblance extended beyond looks, including their running style, mannerisms, facial expressions, and even their way of speaking.

In 1976, Harrison’s football achievements reached new heights as he earned a spot on the First Team All-Ivy and set a team record for receiving yards, breaking a 23-year-old record. Despite not making it to the San Diego Chargers after trying out in 1980, his legacy at Dartmouth was solidified.

Beyond the gridiron, Harrison also left his mark on the baseball field, playing shortstop and third base. Renowned for his defensive prowess, he demonstrated excellence not only in football but also as a key player in Dartmouth’s baseball team.

Following his graduation from Dartmouth College, Harrison Wilson III embarked on a legal journey at the University of Virginia School of Law. According to his brother John, Harrison’s decision to pursue higher education was partly driven by the need to allow his separated shoulder, sustained during the final two games of the season, time to heal. Notably, Harrison’s leadership qualities were recognized as he was elected class president during his time at the law school.

Post-graduation, despite a brief stint pursuing a career in the NFL, Harrison transitioned into the legal arena. He initially joined Procter & Gamble’s legal department, showcasing his legal acumen. Later, he made a move to McGuireWoods, a prominent firm located in Richmond, Virginia. Harrison’s journey in law not only demonstrated his commitment to continuous learning but also positioned him as a key figure in the legal landscape, leaving a lasting impact on the firms he contributed to.

Harrison & Tammy: A Love Filled Family

Harrison Wilson III found lifelong companionship in Tammy T. Wilson, tying the knot with her. Tammy, born around November 4, 1959, was not only his wife but also a legal nurse counselor before becoming part of the Wilson family.

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Their union was a testament to a strong bond, with Tammy being described as the perfect wife – devout and wholly dedicated to her husband. The couple’s love story blossomed further as they welcomed two sons and a beautiful daughter into their lives, forming a heartwarming family of five.

Harrison and Tammy’s personal life reflected a harmonious blend of love, devotion, and the joy of raising a family together. Their journey, marked by shared moments and the joys of parenthood, added another layer to Harrison Wilson III’s rich and fulfilling life.

Tammy T. Wilson: From ER Nurse to Healthcare Leader

Tammy T. Wilson, previously an emergency room nurse, embarked on a dedicated career in healthcare. Starting as a registered nurse in Cincinnati in July 1987, she traversed through various roles at different hospitals over the years. Amidst her professional journey, Tammy, alongside her husband Harrison, prioritized raising their family.

Currently, Tammy serves as the Director of Patient Outreach and Care Management at the University of Washington Medicine. Her commitment to healthcare became even more pronounced during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to the crisis, she played a pivotal role in organizing additional patient space, easing the burden on overwhelmed hospitals.

Russell Wilson, sharing the impact of his mother’s efforts, revealed on NBC Sports that Tammy was actively involved in setting up portable hospitals in the Seattle community. Her dedication and contribution to healthcare, especially during challenging times, exemplify Tammy’s unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

Harrison and Tammy’s Legacy: The Wilson Trio

Harrison and Tammy Wilson created a lasting legacy through their three children, each carving their own paths in sports and beyond.

  1. Harrison Wilson IV:
    • Harrison Wilson III’s oldest child, known as Harry, embraced a dual-sport journey during college, participating in football and basketball at the University of Richmond.
    • His influence led to Russell’s transition to quarterback, showcasing the family’s athletic lineage.
    • Currently serving as the CEO and co-founder of Limitless Minds, Harry embodies the entrepreneurial spirit instilled by his parents.
  2. Russell Wilson:
    • As Harrison Wilson III’s middle child, Russell Wilson emerged as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.
    • Russell’s football journey included stints at Wisconsin and North Carolina State University before becoming a cornerstone for the Seattle Seahawks.
    • His outstanding achievements include a record-breaking contract extension and a steadfast commitment to the Seahawks, embodying the athletic excellence passed down by his father.
  3. Anna Wilson:
    • The youngest and only daughter of the Wilson trio, Anna Wilson, showcased her prowess in basketball, earning a 5-star prospect rating by ESPN.
    • A key player for Stanford University, Anna contributed significantly to the team’s NCAA championship run and earned accolades as the Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year in 2021.
    • Anna’s achievements extend beyond the court, winning the 2014 FIBA U-17 World Championship while representing the USA.
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Russell Wilson’s Guiding Force: A Father’s Influence

Russell Wilson’s NFL success is intricately tied to the profound impact of his father, Harrison Wilson III. Serving as a role model in both sports and academics, Harrison played a pivotal role in Russell’s upbringing.

From early morning football practices to post-game discussions, Harrison actively shaped Russell’s athletic journey. Beyond training, he took on roles like a football announcer, fostering a love for the game. Russell’s excellence in baseball and football is a testament to his father’s effective guidance.

In a unique tradition, Russell records his father’s strategies before each game, echoing Harrison’s teachings. These invaluable lessons frequently surface in Russell’s conversations and media sessions. The establishment of the Why Not You Foundation stands as a tribute to Harrison’s influence, as Russell continues to carry forward his father’s legacy of resilience and unwavering belief in possibilities.

Russell Wilson: Navigating Life After His Father’s Passing

The profound impact of Harrison Wilson III’s passing in June 2010 resonates deeply in Russell Wilson’s life. After years of health struggles, Harrison’s battle reached a critical point three years before his death when doctors delivered a grim prognosis following a stroke.

Recalling the heartbreaking moment, Russell shared in an essay for The Player’s Tribune in 2017 how his mother, Tammy, informed him that his father had “only had a little time left.” Despite being at college, Russell’s mother remained steadfast by Harrison’s side through the night.

During that fateful night, Tammy, alone with her husband, sang their favorite church song, “All By Grace,” as doctors had given up hope. Miraculously, Harrison responded by moving his hand, defying the medical predictions of an impossible recovery.

Russell, reflecting on his father’s courage, emphasized how Harrison woke up from his coma and continued fighting for another three years before ultimately passing away. The quarterback carries his father’s resilience with him, a daily reminder of defying the odds and embracing the strength inherited from Harrison Wilson III.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is Russell Wilson’s NFL win-loss record?

    A. Russell Wilson boasts an impressive win-loss record of 108−64−1 in 173 career NFL starts, reflecting his prowess on the gridiron.

  • Q. Does Russell Wilson have a twin?

    A. Russell Wilson’s family dynamic includes an older brother, Harrison Wilson IV, and a younger sister. While Harrison bears a striking resemblance to Russell, they are not twins, maintaining a close bond.

  • Q. How many years did Russell Wilson play in Seattle?

    A. Russell Wilson’s tenure with the Seattle Seahawks spanned a decade, from his selection in the 2012 NFL Draft until his trade to the Denver Broncos in 2022.

  • Q. Who is the Denver Broncos starting quarterback?

    A. Since 2022, the Denver Broncos have been led by the former Seahawks signal caller, Russell Wilson, at the quarterback position.

  • Q. What is Russell Wilson’s net worth?

    A. Russell Wilson’s prominence as one of the NFL’s top quarterbacks, coupled with endorsements, investments, and business ventures, has propelled his net worth to an impressive figure close to $165 million. Explore the financial landscape of this football icon.


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