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Holly Bankemper Unveiled: Age, Family, Education, Career, Facts, and Net Worth

by Arbab Jamil / January 5, 2024

Who is Holly Bankemper?

Born on November 23, 1964, in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Holly Bankemper is not just an American attorney but the steadfast partner of sports broadcaster and former football player Cris Collinsworth. Having returned to her hometown to practice law after completing her education at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, Holly has chosen to keep a low profile despite her husband’s fame. Her unassuming demeanor contrasts with Cris’s illustrious career, where he earned recognition as an All-American during his college football days at the University of Florida and later garnered fifteen ‘Sports Emmy Awards’ for his broadcasting prowess with NBC, Showtime, and the NFL Network.

Holly and Cris, although attending the same law school, belonged to different batches. Their shared connection to the University of Cincinnati is one of the many threads weaving through their lives. Despite her husband’s public persona, Holly remains selective about her public appearances, often joining Cris alongside their children, who have also made a mark in the sports arena. Holly Bankemper’s biography is a testament to her quiet strength, legal acumen, and the supportive role she plays within the backdrop of her family’s prominence in the sports world.

Holly Bankemper in a Nutshell

Attribute Information
Famous American Women
Sun Sign Sagittarius
Born In Fort Thomas, Kentucky
Famous As Cris Collinsworth’s Wife
Spouse/Ex- Cris Collinsworth (m. 1989)
Children – Ashley Collinsworth
  – Austin Collinsworth
  – Jack Collinsworth
  – Katie Collinsworth
U.S. State Kentucky
Notable Alumni University Of Cincinnati
Education University of Cincinnati College of Law

Holly Bankemper’s Journey: From Law School to Love

Embarking on a journey from Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Holly Bankemper ventured to Cincinnati with a clear goal in mind – to pursue a law degree at the College of Law under the University of Cincinnati. Little did she know that this decision would not only mold her professional trajectory but also intertwine her fate with Cris Collinsworth, her future husband. The serendipity of their meeting in Cincinnati, where Cris was already a prominent figure in American football, marked the beginning of a shared journey in academia and love.

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As Holly immersed herself in her legal studies, she found a partner in Cris, who also pursued a Juris Doctor degree from the same college, albeit graduating three years later in 1991. While Cris soared to new heights of fame as a sports broadcaster, Holly gracefully navigated their long and successful marriage, preferring to stay out of the limelight. Despite Cris’s increasing prominence, Holly maintained a private presence, rarely sharing glimpses of her personal life on social media. Her commitment to education and love shines through their family profiles, where occasional snapshots offer a peek into their shared moments of joy.

Holly Bankemper: Beyond Numbers – Age, Height, Weight, and More

Diving into the details of Holly Bankemper’s personal attributes, she graces the world with a vibrant energy at the age of 57 as of 2021. Born on November 23, 1964, in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, USA, Holly shares a close-knit family with a brother and sister, and her parents continue to be a cherished part of her life. Notably, she holds a timeless elegance, being around five years younger than her husband, Cris Collinsworth, born on January 27, 1959, in Dayton, Ohio, USA.

When it comes to her physical presence, Holly stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches (1.7 m), carrying herself with grace. With blond hair, captivating green eyes, and a weight of around 65 kg (145 lbs), she embodies a balance of stature and charm. Beyond the numbers, Holly’s essence goes far beyond, reflecting a life well-lived and a spirit that transcends mere measurements.

Collinsworth Finances: A Shared Success Story

Holly Bankemper stands independently with a noteworthy net worth of approximately $3 million, a testament to her success in both the legal profession and her role as a member of the Cincinnati Bar Association. The Collinsworth family, as a whole, thrives financially, with Holly’s husband, Cris Collinsworth, boasting a substantial net worth of around $14 million. Holly, contributing significantly to the family’s financial prosperity, primarily earns from her law practice.

The Collinsworths’ collective triumph paints a portrait of seamless synergy among individual accomplishments, where Holly’s financial standing mirrors her unwavering dedication and triumphs in her professional pursuits.

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Holly & Cris Collinsworth: A Kentucky Love Story

Born on November 23, 1964, in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, Holly Bankemper’s journey weaves through family and academics. Raised alongside a brother and a sister, she embraced her educational path at Highlands High School in Fort Thomas before embarking on a law course at the University of Cincinnati College of Law, where she graduated in 1988.

In the realm of romance, Holly’s story takes a unique turn. Fate brought her and Cris Collinsworth together at The Precinct, a popular Cincinnati venue where Cris was a part owner. A former University of Kentucky cheerleader about to dive into law school, Holly captured Cris’s attention amid his NFL stardom. Despite amusing misconceptions about her, including being labeled a 30-year-old divorcee with two kids, the couple’s first date marked the beginning of a lasting connection. Their love story unfolded further as Cris proposed during an MLB All-Star Game in Cincinnati in 1988. The wedding bells rang on June 3, 1989, in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where the couple chose to build their colonial-style haven overlooking the Ohio River—a place where family, love, and shared memories thrive.

Collinsworth Kids: Nurturing Bright Futures

Holly and Cris Collinsworth’s familial tapestry unfolds with the vibrant stories of their four accomplished children. The eldest son, Jack, ventures into the world of journalism, aligning himself with NBC. Hosting the Rio Olympics as part of the NBC team, he leaves an indelible mark, carrying forward his father’s legacy. Meanwhile, their second child, Ashley, shapes her career as a sales coordinator for 21c Museum Hotels, armed with a degree from Harvard University.

In the Collinsworth lineup, Austin takes the spotlight as a developmental director at Xsolla, contributing his skills to the corporate landscape. And in the family tale’s final chapter, Katie, the youngest among them, leaves an imprint as a business marketing manager at the Golf Channel. Each of the four siblings carves unique paths to success, with Holly and Cris Collinsworth serving as steadfast guides. Their legacy, far-reaching and profound, transcends the football field, weaving through the rich landscapes of journalism, sales, corporate development, and marketing. As the Collinsworth children flourish, Holly and Cris remain the silent architects of a narrative that goes beyond individual triumphs, creating a tapestry of shared accomplishments and enduring support.

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Empowering Hearts: Holly and Cris Collinsworth’s Fight Against Breast Cance

Holly and Cris Collinsworth pass beyond the titles of husband and wife; they are compassionate anti-breast cancer advocates. Engaging in noble humanitarian efforts, the couple actively helps the Cris Collinsworth ProScan Fund, an NGO devoted to elevating recognition about breast cancer. Their impactful initiative extends to supplying screening ultrasonography mammograms at a backed value, making sure that girls have get entry to to important preventive measures.

In addition to their anti-breast most cancers advocacy, Holly played a pivotal position in a big fundraising enterprise. In 2008, her excessive college efficiently raised $7.8 million for reconstruction, and Holly’s have an effect on turned into key to the assignment’s achievement. Participants attested that her determination and involvement had been instrumental, showcasing the couple’s dedication to making a positive effect in each the combat towards breast most cancers and community tasks.

Collinsworth Chronicles: Points in Their Shared Tale

  • Marital Bond Since 1989: The Collinsworths have shared their journey of love and commitment since tying the knot in 1989, a testament to enduring marital bliss.
  • University of Cincinnati Connection: Both Holly and Cris walked the halls of the University of Cincinnati, where their paths intertwined, setting the stage for a shared destiny.
  • Holly’s Legal Expertise: Holly, beyond her role as a devoted wife, brings legal prowess to the narrative as an attorney based in Fort Thomas, Kentucky.
  • Austin’s Football Legacy: Their son, Austin Collinsworth, left his mark on the family’s sports legacy, showcasing his prowess on the college football field at Notre Dame.
  • Ashley’s Track & Psychology Journey: Daughter Ashley Collinsworth crafted her own narrative, sprinting through the tracks of Harvard while delving into the intricacies of psychology.
  • Katie at the Golf Channel: Katie Collinsworth shapes her career at the Golf Channel, adding her unique strokes to the family’s diverse canvas.
  • Jac’s Voice at ESPN: Jac Collinsworth finds his voice at ESPN, contributing his unique perspective to the media landscape.


  1. Who is Holly Bankemper?

    Holly Bankemper is a seasoned attorney practicing law, bringing her expertise to the legal landscape.

  2. What about Holly Bankemper’s parents?

    Unfortunately, details about Holly Bankemper’s parents remain elusive, shrouded in mystery.

  3. Who is Holly Bankemper’s husband?

    The heart of Holly’s personal tale revolves around her marriage to Cris Collinsworth, creating a partnership that extends beyond the legal realm.

  4. What is Holly Bankemper’s Nationality?

    Holly Bankemper’s nationality carries a British identity, adding a unique layer to her personal story.

  5. Where is Holly Bankemper’s current abode?

    Fort Thomas, Kentucky, stands as the present residence of Holly Bankemper, providing a backdrop to her legal endeavors and personal journey.

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