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Who is Jordyn Jones?

Jordyn Jones onlyfans
Jordyn Jones onlyfans

Jordyn Jones (born March 13, 2000) is an American actor, rapper, dancer, and model who hails from the state of Michigan in the United States. Jones has reached the age of 20. In actuality, she possesses exceptional danceability. Jords is a hip-hop dancer who focuses on the subject of hip-hop dance. There was a time when she did attend formal dance classes.

Soon after she became a well-known dancer, she began to perform in musicals. Jordyn mainly releases her videos on YouTube and Vevo, where she has a large following. She began competing in dancing competitions when she was ten years old. The first is Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, which takes place every year. The results of the contest position her in 5th place overall. She becomes a member of the “Reload Music Group,” a group of up-and-coming musicians.


Especially in an age where countless young artists who have uploaded a few videos on social media are regarded as talented, locating an artist who is actually good in a variety of fields at the same time is extremely tough. Jordyn is an example of a great artist who began her professional career as a young dancer.

Because of her natural ability, her parents encouraged her to begin dancing at a young age. She quickly developed into a skilled dancer, with a particular concentration on the Hip Hop dance style. When she began to make a name for herself in dancing, she also decided to pursue a singing career.

She has even competed in a number of dancing competitions in her hometown. However, it was when she began publishing her music videos on social media networks such as YouTube and Vevo that her reputation began to soar. She quickly gained a significant following on these platforms.


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Jordyn Jones Biography

Ms. Jordyn Kaylee Marie Jones, better known by her stage name of Jordyn Jones, is a stunning and multi-talented personality who is well-known throughout the world as a dancer, singer, actress, and social media presence.

A popular figure as a result of her dancing abilities, she was initially featured as a competitor in Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition in 2008. During the dancing competition, she finished in fifth place, which marked her first major accomplishment.

After becoming well-known as a result of her participation in the dancing competition, Jordyn Jones went on to pursue a career in the music industry. “Fancy” was the title of her first cover song of Iggy Azalea, which was published in April of this year. She received a great deal of positive feedback for that song, and she maintained her singing career by releasing a number of solo songs. All of the music that she has released has been made available on her official YouTube channel.


Jordyn Jones has also appeared as a lead actress in a number of major projects in addition to her work as a supporting actress. She also has a large number of followers on Snapchat, where she hosts a show called Throwback Toys, which has a retro theme.

After a while, Jordyn Jones began dating Brandon Westenberg, who happens to be a well-known Instagram celebrity. Her Instagram account has more than 2 million followers, and he is one of them. Unfortunately, the relationship did not endure long, and they ended up breaking up in 2016 instead.

In addition, Jordyn Jones had previously been in a relationship with Sean Cavaliere. He is a well-known Pop Singer who makes his living from it. He has also appeared in the popular web series Chicken Girls, which he co-created. They later decide to stop their relationship without giving any prior cause.

Jordyn Jones has also been in a relationship with Jordan Beau, in addition to the above. Unfortunately, her relationship with Jordyn Jones did not endure as long as she had hoped, and they ended up splitting up in July 2021, just a month before their three-year wedding anniversary.

He is a well-known YouTube Star in his professional life. He used to upload content in the form of challenges, comedic sketches, and Vlog-style videos to his YouTube channel. In addition, he has more than 1 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

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jordyn jones leak

Wiki biography

NameJordyn Jones
ProfessionYouTuber, Model, Actress, Singer, Dancer
Age18 years 11 months
Birth DateMarch 13, 2000
Birth PlaceKalamazoo, Michigan, United States

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Jordyn Jones Age 2022

As of 2022, Jordyn Jones will be 22 years old. She was born on March 13, 2000.

Jordyn Jones Height, weight, etc.            

Jordyn Jones ‘height is 5 feet 2 inches and her weight is 55 kg.

Jordyn Jones Family

Jordyn Jones is a model and actress. Kelly Jones is her mother’s maiden name, and Tim Jones is her father’s maiden name. His father worked as a permanent employee for the Law Enforcement of America, which was his professional affiliation. Her mother, on the other hand, is a stay-at-home mom. Unfortunately, his father is no longer alive and died away in 2019.

Jordyn Jones has two brothers, the eldest of whom is named Casey and the younger of whom is named Skyler. Skyler is a well-known Instagram celebrity who has about 100,000 followers on the platform where she works as a model. Her elder brother, on the other hand, has not revealed any information about his professional background, but he is well-known as the brother of Jordyn Jones.



Jordyn Jones began her professional career as a dancer. As a part of her cover song projects in 2014, she worked on the songs “Banji” and “Fancy” as well as the songs “Lip Gloss” and “Winter Wonderland.” As part of this year’s activities, she appeared in the YouTube videos titled “Love More,” “Shake it Off,” and “Take Over.”

In the year 2015, she worked on the songs ‘I’m Dappin” and ‘U Already Know’, both of which were released. This year, she also worked on the cover songs ‘Lips Are Movin’ and ‘This is How We Do’, which were both released. As part of this year’s festivities, she also appeared in the YouTube videos titled “Thinking Out Loud,” “Sweet Little Something,” and “100 DANCING ROBOTS COME TO LIFE.”

In the year 2016, she worked on the songs ‘Fiyacracka’ and ‘BRUH!’, both of which were released. This year, she also worked on two cover songs, ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty and ‘Let it Snow’, which were released on the same day. As part of this year’s festivities, she also appeared in the YouTube video titled “Closer – New District.”

In the year 2017, she worked on the songs ‘Summer,’ ‘All I Need,’ and ‘Best Christmas Ever,’ all of which were released. In the year 2018, she worked on the songs “Can’t Say No” and ‘Bad Lil Mama, both of which were released. This year, she also worked on a cover song titled ‘The Middle,’ which she performed live.

In the year 2019, she worked on the tracks “Cut ‘Em Off,” ‘Cover-Up,’ and ‘More,’ which are all available on her website. Her participation in the YouTube video titled “Gotaga” was another highlight of the year for her. Additionally, she has performed at a number of award shows and other venues.

Jordyn Jones Onlyfans news

It comes a little more than nine months after Crawford was allegedly strangled to death by Jones, who also happened to be her roommate, and Brantley, according to police. Jordyn Jones, who is accused of murdering her best friend Alexis Crawford alongside her boyfriend Barron Brantley in October, was denied bond.

Her bond hearing was scheduled for 1 p.m. and began shortly after 2:15 p.m., according to court records. It comes a little more than nine months after Crawford was allegedly strangled to death by Jones, who also happened to be her roommate, and Brantley, according to police.

In addition to devastating the Atlanta University Center community, the case sent a shudder through the whole city of Atlanta and across the country. More information about purported direct communications Jones sent to Brantley was presented during the hearing by Jones’s attorney. Brantley was urged to “get the job done” and dispose of the video evidence outside the apartment complex, according to Jones, according to the report.

Crawford’s mother also spoke in court on Thursday, according to court documents. She stated that she has two daughters who live in the Atlanta region and that she is frightened about what would happen if they come into contact with one another. Additionally, she made a sad comment about how it is “unfair” that Jones’ mother will receive a phone call from her, but that they would never be able to see Alexis again.

The callousness of the murder was demonstrated at a preliminary hearing last November, when a detective testified, exposing details such as Brantley reportedly strangling Crawford as Jones allegedly held a plastic bag over her head.

Crawford’s body was discovered in a Decatur park after an extensive search that lasted several days following her reported disappearance. According to authorities, both Jones and Brantley admitted to at least some aspects of their roles in the crime when they were interrogated.

The detective who testified at the preliminary hearing claimed that Brantley told him he knew Crawford was dead because she stopped breathing after she’d been “struggling to breathe and making screams of misery.” Crawford was found dead in her home, according to the investigator. He was also accused of raping her just days before the murder, according to the police.

Crawford’s mother made a statement yesterday through a family spokesperson, Rev. Markel Hutchins, who read it aloud at a press conference. Crawford’s father was also present. The statement was read aloud by Hutchins and stated, “I cannot picture a court awarding Jordyn the freedom to roam around until her trial while Alexis would never get to walk around anywhere ever again.” Allowing Jordyn Jones to be released on bail would be “a slap in the face to me and my family, and it would be tantamount to spitting on Alexis’ grave.”

Jones’ attorneys claim in a brief supporting the application for reconsideration of bond that they were not given enough time to gather testimony from family and friends, which they believe would demonstrate that she has strong links to the community and is not a flight risk. They also contend that prosecutors failed to establish that she was required to be kept without bond in order to “protect the community” from harm.

As stated in the brief, “This Defendant has no criminal history (other than a past misdemeanor offense); she is well-connected to the community; she has no record or history of ever having threatened or intimidated anyone in her life, and she shows no signs of being a flight risk.” When the accusations against Jones, which included felony murder, were first brought against her in November, she was first denied bond. Earlier this year, she entered a not-guilty plea.

Jordyn Jones Onlyfans Networth

Jordyn Jones’ net worth is predicted to be $4 million as of the 22nd of this month. The young and sensational has made this enormous sum with her acting, dancing, singing, and social media careers, all of which have been done in collaboration. She maintains active accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, where she has a large number of fans. As a result, she earns a substantial amount of money via sponsored posts, brand partnerships, ad income, and endorsements.

Aside from that, Jordyn Jones has participated in a reality dancing competition as a contestant, where she placed 5th overall at the conclusion of the competition. Following that, she was presented with an incredible number of dance possibilities, which enabled her to make a substantial sum of money. Throughout her career, Jordyn Jones has also recorded a number of tracks under her own name. Along with that, she used to play at concerts. Furthermore, she has worked as an actress, which has provided her with a variety of opportunities to make money.

Jordyn Jones Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

Jordyn Jones Onlyfans video, images, and pics

jordyn jones leaked

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