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Kari Skogland Biography, Career, Filmography, Personal Info, Awards, Net worth, FAQs.

Kari Skogland Biography

Kari Skogland, an accomplished director with nominations and awards under her belt, leads Mad Rabbit, a company focused on creating top-quality dramas for global audiences. She’s known for her work on hit shows like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Skogland has also made her mark in the industry by directing pilot episodes for shows like “NOS4A2” and “The Rook.”

First appearance:

Blood Eagle

Latest appearance:


Appearance Count:


Full name:

Kari Skogland


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • Director
  • Screenwriter
  • Producer
  • CEO


Significant Other/s:

Jim Munro (husband)

  • MacKenzie Munro (daughter)
  • Aislin Munro (daughter)

Her reputation as one of the most successful female directors in the field is well-deserved. She’s been recognized by The Hollywood Reporter and BAFTA for her talent, earning awards for her work on “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Skogland’s TV credits include a wide range of popular series like “Boardwalk Empire,” “The Walking Dead,” and “House of Cards.”

She’s also ventured into directing miniseries, winning accolades for her work on “Sons of Liberty.” Kari Skogland continues to make her mark in the world of television and film, showcasing her talent and dedication with each project she takes on.

Kari Skogland’s Personal life

Kari Skogland, originally from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, tied the knot with film editor Jim Munro. Their love story began when Skogland applied to work as Munro’s assistant around 1979. Not only did she get the job, but their professional relationship blossomed into a personal one too. Together, they have two daughters named MacKenzie and Aislin.

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Kari Skogland’s Career

Skogland began her career as an editor before moving into directing. She started with making TV commercials and music videos, winning awards along the way. Then she moved on to directing TV shows and films. Her work on shows like “Dead at 21” and “Traders” earned her nominations and awards.

Her first film, “The Size of Watermelons,” won a big award. She also directed movies like “White Lies” and “50 Dead Men Walking.” Skogland worked on popular TV shows like “Boardwalk Empire” and “Vikings,” as well as the miniseries “Sons of Liberty” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Skogland has talked about the challenges women directors face in the industry. She believes there need to be more opportunities for women to succeed. She’s passionate about creating spaces for them to grow and be recognized.

In 2021, Skogland was chosen to direct a new movie about Cleopatra, starring Gal Gadot. She’s also signed on to direct “Wind River: The Next Chapter.” Her career continues to soar as she takes on exciting projects in the world of film and TV.

Kari Skogland started her career as an editor before stepping into directing. She began by creating impressive TV commercials and music videos, earning recognition for her work. Later, she transitioned to directing television shows, starting with “Traders” in 1996, which received nominations and awards.

Her first movie, “The Size of Watermelons,” earned acclaim and won an award at WorldFest Houston. Skogland’s CBC film “White Lies” also garnered attention, receiving nominations and winning awards. Additionally, she directed “50 Dead Men Walking,” featuring notable actors like Sir Ben Kingsley and Rose McGowan. Skogland’s talent extended to directing episodes of popular TV series like “Boardwalk Empire,” “The Borgias,” “Sons of Liberty,” and “Vikings” on the History Channel.

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Kari Skogland’s Filmography

Here’s a simplified list of Kari Skogland’s works:

  • “Dead at 21” (1994)
  • “Traders” (1996) – 5 episodes
  • “The Size of Watermelons” (1996) – a movie
  • “Men with Guns” (1997) – a movie
  • “La Femme Nikita” (1997) – 1 episode
  • “The Crow: Stairway to Heaven” (1998) – 2 episodes
  • “Sins of the City” (1998) – TV series
  • “White Lies” (1998) – a movie
  • “Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy” (1998) – a movie
  • “Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return” (1999) – a movie
  • “Nature Boy” (2000) – a movie
  • “Family Law” (2000) – 1 episode
  • “The Courage to Love” (2000) – a movie
  • “Zebra Lounge” (2001) – a movie
  • “Liberty Stands Still” (2002) – a movie
  • “Queer as Folk” (2001–2003) – 3 episodes
  • “Riverworld” (2003) – a movie
  • “The L Word” (2004) – 1 episode
  • “Chicks with Sticks” (2004) – a movie
  • “Terminal City” (2005) – 2 episodes
  • “Rapid Fire” (2005) – a movie
  • “Banshee” (2006) – a movie
  • “The Stone Angel” (2007) – a movie
  • “Fifty Dead Men Walking” (2008) – a movie
  • “The Listener” (2009–2011) – 5 episodes
  • “Endgame” (2011) – 1 episode
  • “Being Erica” (2011) – 1 episode
  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2012) – 1 episode
  • “Under the Dome” (2013) – 2 episodes
  • “Vikings” (2014) – 2 episodes
  • “Sons of Liberty” (2015) – a miniseries
  • “Fear the Walking Dead” (2015) – 2 episodes
  • “The Walking Dead” (2016-2017) – 2 episodes
  • “House of Cards” (2016) – 1 episode
  • “The Handmaid’s Tale” (2017) – 1 episode

Kari Skogland Awards

Genie Awards:

  • 2009: “Fifty Dead Men Walking”
  • Best Motion Picture: Nominated
  • Best Adapted Screenplay: Won
  • Best Achievement in Direction: Nominated

Emmy Awards:

  • 2018: “The Handmaid’s Tale”
  • Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series: Nominated

Facts On Kari Skogland

  • She’s a well-known filmmaker from Canada, skilled in directing, writing, and producing movies.
  • Born in Ottawa, Canada.
  • Her first movie, ‘The Size of Watermelons,’ was a success, winning a top award at WorldFest Houston.
  • In 2009, she directed the movie ’50 Dead Men Walking.’
  • Back in 1996, she started her journey as a TV show director with ‘Traders.’
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Kari Skogland Nrt Worth

Kari Skogland, a well-known name in American entertainment, has found great success as a director, producer, and in various other roles. She’s worked on many popular projects, earning praise for her talent and hard work. As of 2024, her net worth falls somewhere between $100K and $1 million, showing how much she’s achieved in her career. Skogland’s skills and adaptability make her highly sought after, and her work keeps audiences hooked around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Kari Skogland

What is Kari Skogland’s latest movie?

The most recent movies for Kari Skogland is The Stone Angel.

Who directed the movie “Dallas Sting”?
Kari Skogland, known for her work on TV shows like “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” and episodes of “Fear The Walking Dead,” “The Punisher,” and “The Walking Dead,” was chosen to direct “Dallas Sting.”

Who was cast as McConaughey’s daughter in the film?
Kaitlyn Dever, known for her role in the drama miniseries “Dopesick,” was set to play the daughter of soccer coach McConaughey in the movie.

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