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Kirk Herbstreit and Alison Butler: A Beautiful Journey of Love, Family, and Football Adventures

by Arbab Jamil, January 18, 2024

Kirk Herbstreit: Football Player Turned Sports Commentator

Kirk Edward Herbstreit, born on August 19, 1969, is a well-known sports guy. He used to play college football for Ohio State from 1989 to 1993, where he was the quarterback. Fast forward to now, Kirk is not just a former player; he’s a big voice in sports commentary.

You’ve probably seen him on ESPN’s College GameDay, a show all about college football that a lot of people love. Kirk brings his thoughts and knowledge to make the games even more exciting. He doesn’t just stop there – he also talks about college football games on ESPN and ABC, making sure fans get the best insights. Plus, he adds his touch to Thursday Night NFL games on Prime Video.

Beyond the sports world, Kirk has been happily married to Alison Butler since 1998, making it 25 years together. That’s pretty cool, right? And if you’re into video games, you might remember him as the commentator in the NCAA Football game series until it took a break after NCAA Football 14.

In a nutshell, Kirk Herbstreit isn’t just a sports guy; he’s a former player, a married man for a long time, and a voice that makes watching football even more fun – both on TV and in video games.

Kirk Herbstreit: Key Details

Category Details
Position Quarterback
Major Business Administration
Born August 19, 1969 (age 54)
Birthplace Centerville, Ohio, U.S.
College Ohio State (1989–1993)
Bowl Games Florida Citrus Bowl (1993)
High School Centerville (Centerville, Ohio)
Age 54 Years, 54 Year Old Males
Family Spouse: Alison Butler (Married in 1998)
University Ohio State University
Height 6’4″ (193 cm), 6’4″ Males
U.S. State Ohio

Kirk Herbstreit’s Impressive Net Worth

Kirk Herbstreit, the ESPN guy everyone knows, is said to be worth a big $12 million. Most of his money comes from being a sports commentator, first with ESPN and now with Amazon too. He’s considered one of the highest-paid in the U.S. for this job.

His deal with ESPN is solid, keeping him there until at least 2027, and he’s reportedly pocketing about $8 million each year. You’ve probably seen him on “College Gameday” and ABC’s “Saturday Night Football” – he’s like a regular face there.

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In 2022, he teamed up with Amazon to talk about NFL “Thursday Night Football” on Prime Video with Al Michaels. No one knows exactly how long this deal is, but the rumors say he’s making a cool $10 million every year.Before all this, he was also part of the video game world, appearing in EA Sports’ NCAA Football game series every year until NCAA Football 14, when it stopped because of some licensing problems.

In simple terms, Kirk Herbstreit’s got a lot of money from talking about sports on TV and now even on streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video.

Kirk Herbstreit: Football Star and Philanthropist

Kirk Herbstreit’s journey in football began at Centerville High School in Ohio, where he stood out as a quarterback, earning the title of Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year in his senior year. His athletic prowess extended beyond football, showcasing skills in basketball and baseball.

Choosing to stay close to home, Herbstreit committed to the Ohio State Buckeyes under Coach John Cooper. Although he patiently waited his turn, he eventually led the team as a senior in 1992, becoming a co-captain and team MVP. Setting records, including a notable performance against Michigan, Herbstreit graduated from Ohio State in 1993 with a degree in business administration.

Football runs in the Herbstreit family, with his father, Jim Herbstreit, also having a significant legacy at Ohio State. The father-son duo made history as the second pair of Ohio State captains in 1992. Outside the football field, Kirk made headlines in 2009 when he sued the IRS over deductions for house donations to the fire department.

Beyond his playing days, Herbstreit is actively involved in charitable work, supporting initiatives like the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer and The Make A Wish Foundation Ultimate Sports Auction. He’s not just about the game; he’s about making a positive impact off the field.

Adding to his contributions, Herbstreit has left his mark on high school football with the Kirk Herbstreit National Kickoff Classic. This event brings together top high school teams from Ohio and Texas, creating a football spectacle over Labor Day weekend.

Whether discussing college football on ESPN or making a difference through charitable endeavors, Kirk Herbstreit is more than a sports personality – he’s a player turned philanthropist, leaving a lasting legacy both in and out of the game.

Kirk Herbstreit: Ohio State to Broadcasting Fame

Kirk Herbstreit’s journey in sports broadcasting began in 1996 when he joined ESPN. Over the years, he became the lead analyst on College GameDay, sharing insights on college football alongside a dynamic team. His versatility shines as he also serves as an analyst for ABC’s Saturday college football primetime games with Chris Fowler.

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Beyond college football, Herbstreit has left his mark in various roles, from writing a weekly column to contributing to and ESPN The Magazine. He’s a familiar voice on Thursday night college football games and stepped into the spotlight for ESPN’s NFL Draft coverage in 2018. When ABC took on the Draft, Kirk smoothly transitioned, showcasing his adaptability.

Adding to his repertoire, Kirk ventured into Monday Night Football, announcing games in 2020 and 2022. In 2022, he took on the role of color commentator for Thursday Night Football on Prime Video, aligning with NFL play-by-play announcer Al Michaels.

Before his broadcasting fame, Kirk was a quarterback for the Ohio State University football team. His commitment to the team began in 1988 under Coach John Cooper. Leading the team in 1992, he earned the MVP title and became part of a historic father-and-son duo of Ohio State captains alongside his father Jim Herbstreit.I

n essence, Kirk Herbstreit’s career is a captivating journey from the Ohio State fields to becoming a beloved figure in sports broadcasting, seamlessly transitioning between college and NFL football analysis on major platforms.

Kirk Herbstreit’s Personal Journey: Family, Faith, and Football

Kirk Herbstreit’s life is all about family, faith, and sports. He met his wife, Alison, back in college at Ohio State University, where she was a cheerleader. They got married in 1998 and have four sons – Jake, Tye, Zak, and Chase.

Their family has a strong connection to football. The youngest, Chase, is making a name for himself as a quarterback at St. Xavier High School. The twins, Jake and Tye, gave football a shot as walk-ons at Ohio State and Clemson. Another son, Zak, joined Ohio State in 2021 as a preferred walk-on, playing as a tight end.

Beyond the football field, Kirk is a Christian, and his faith is a big part of his everyday life. He loves playing video games, especially EA Sports ones, and staying fit with workouts. He’s also a fan of horse racing and cheers for Ohio sports teams like the Bengals, Blue Jackets, and Reds. Kirk is not just about sports; he even appeared in a documentary about Reds broadcaster Marty Brennaman.

Adding a furry twist to his life, Kirk enjoys hanging out with his golden retrievers, especially Ben, who travels with him on his football adventures. The family moved from Ohio to Nashville in 2011 but splits their time between Nashville and Cincinnati to support Chase’s football journey.

Alison Butler: Kirk Herbstreit’s Supportive Partner

Alison Butler, the wife of renowned sports analyst Kirk Herbstreit, has been his steadfast companion for 23 years. In her college days, Alison wasn’t just a star cheerleader at Ohio State University; she was admired for her courage and professionalism. Currently, she leads a quiet life as a certified homemaker, intentionally staying away from the public spotlight, a common practice for those married to public figures.

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Alison and Kirk’s connection goes back to their college years at Ohio State, where she was part of the cheerleading team. Their journey began in 1992, and after six years of dating, they exchanged vows in 1998. Despite her husband’s prominent career, Alison remains private, embracing her role as a supportive homemaker.

Alison Butler is more than Kirk Herbstreit’s wife; she’s an integral part of his life journey, contributing to his support system while choosing to keep her life simple and away from public attention.

Alison Butler: Height and Weight Overview

Alison Butler, standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches, carries a weight of approximately 57 kg. While specific details about her physical features might not be widely known due to her preference for a private life, her stature reflects a balanced and healthy appearance. Despite her low-key presence, Alison’s physical attributes contribute to her overall strength and support in standing by her husband, Kirk Herbstreit, for over two decades.

Kirk and Alison Herbstreit’s Athletic Family

Kirk and Alison Herbstreit are proud parents to four athletic sons. The twins, Jake and Tye, were born in 2000, followed by Zak in 2003 and Chase in 2006. The family has faced challenges, but their bond appears to grow stronger over the years, defying any detractors.

All four sons, following in their father’s sports-loving footsteps, are active athletes associated with school football teams. Tye and Jake, the eldest twins, have embarked on football careers at Clemson University. Zak, the third son, played football at Montgomery Bell Academy and later committed to Ohio State in 2020, maintaining the family’s strong connection to the sport.

Kirk and Alison, happily married since 1998, continue to be supportive parents, guiding their sons through their individual journeys in sports. The Herbstreit family exemplifies a shared passion for athletics and a resilient commitment to each other.


  1. How many years have Kirk Herbstreit and Alison Butler been happily married?
    Kirk Herbstreit and Alison Butler have celebrated over two decades of wedded bliss, marking 23 years of marriage.
  2. What is the total wealth of Kirk Herbstreit?
    Kirk Herbstreit possesses a net worth amounting to $12 million.
  3. What notable achievements highlight Kirk Herbstreit’s professional journey?
    Kirk Herbstreit’s remarkable contributions to television have earned him five prestigious Sports Emmy Awards.
  4. How much is Kirk Herbstreit’s estimated wealth as of 2023?
    Kirk Herbstreit’s net worth is currently estimated at $14 million.
  5. What is the title of Kirk Herbstreit’s biography?
    Kirk Herbstreit’s life story is captivatingly told in the biography titled “Out of the Pocket.”
  6. Where does Kirk Herbstreit currently call home?
    Kirk Herbstreit resides in the lap of luxury in Franklin, TN, with his home valued at $6.1 million.

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