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Who is Ppcocaine?

Ppcocaine onlyfans
Ppcocaine onlyfans

PPCocaine, better known as Lilliane Catherine Diomi, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, social media celebrity, and singer. The singer is known for songs like “DDLG”, “3 Musketeers”, “That Bitch”, “Level Up”, and music videos like “S.L.U.T.” and “Level Up.”

With a Congolese father and a Caucasian mother, PPCocaine grew up in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Golden Valley High School, she worked as an assistant manager in the movie industry. In 2020, she started her musical career with the success of her debut single “DDLG”. As a result of snippets of her songs, she gained initial recognition on TikTok.


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PPCocaine has a light skin tone, so you might wonder what ethnicity she belongs to. Born to a white mother and an African father, she displays a mixed ethnicity.

Her grandparents Cath and Kim Kliber, along with her dad Bernard Diomi, raised Ppcocaine in Panorama, California. She was raised by her grandmother as a nurse and her grandfather as a DWP employee. Meanwhile, her dad was managing several Taco Bells in the ‘90s and working at the airport in 2020.


According to PPCocaine, her mother had multiple children from multiple husbands. PPCocaine, therefore, has many step-siblings.

Michaela Rekla had four siblings: two of them, Madison Rekla and William Ashlynn, grew up with her, and two others, Erin Escobar and William Ashlynn, lived separately.

During her childhood, PPCocaine’s family wasn’t too supportive of what she did. According to her, her relationship with her dad is sometimes on and sometimes off.

But in order to fulfill her dream, she began showcasing her dancing skills via Musically. In high school, she was on the school dance team and later studied ballet, tap jazz, and hip hop.


She attended several schools during her schooling, including Canyon High, Birmingham Community Centre High, and Golden Valley High School.

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 Wiki biography

NameLilliane Catherine Diomi
Nick NamePpcocaine / Earlier (Trap Bunnie Bubbles)
Birth PlaceLA, California, U.S
Date Of BirthJune 1, 2001
Age20 Years

Ppcocaine Age 2022

As of 2022, Ppcocaine will be 24 years old. She was born on September 23, 1997.

Ppcocaine Height, weight, etc.                 

Ppcocaine’s height is 5 feet 3 inches and her weight is 54 kg.

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Ppcocaine videos


The TikTok star is known as PPCaine. After her song “Did You Hear What I Said Shake Some TikTok Song” went viral, she became well known. In the TikTok sphere, PPCaine videos have turned into a trend. She has 198k followers and 1.5m preferences on her TikTok account. Her TikTok recordings regularly show her performing with her closest companion.

With 417.5k preferences and 3772 comments, the PPcocaine viral video has received a lot of interest. Neither the age nor the date of birth of PPcocaine is available. Nonetheless, she could be associated with 18 years of age based on her recordings. TikTok’s star has a relatively average height and a thin body structure. No information has been found about her weight or height.

It is possible that the adolescent doesn’t have a total of assets. The adolescent’s salary isn’t documented. As far as we can tell, from what we can gather, she appears to lead an extravagant life. Her sweetheart and relationship are not subtlety under the surface. Whatever the case may be, she considers another Instagram star Kainecocaine as her best friend.

There is no information available about the guardians and families of the TikTok stars. She has never mentioned the name of her group or the group itself on TikTok. An adolescent may be attending secondary school or the most recent year of center school. USA cocaine is produced. Her nationality is American.

TikTok has become a major hub for PPCocaine. One of her videos has become an internet sensation. With 198k supporters and 1.5m preferences so far, Ppcoca1ne’s TikTok account has the username Ppcoca1ne.

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Ppcocaine Onlyfans news

PPCOCAINE’s new tattoos barely dried as she arrived for a session at Westlake Studios in West Hollywood, the same studio where Michael Jackson recorded “Thriller.” Wearing a pink oblong leotard and sunglasses with matching hair dye, the biracial 19-year-old from Los Angeles brought the studio to life. The ace provocateur of lesbians, TikTok talked a Times reporter through her brand new work.

The rapper, born Lilliane Diomi, redid her X and then added this dollar sign to her ear. “And then this side says ‘Trap,’ but instead of the ‘A,’ it says ‘Bunnie,’ and after that, I have a heart here, and I have a date here, although it is backward on purpose.”


The stylized hyper-femininity of her clothes and flow has been paired with lyrics so over-the-top that they make “WAP” sound like dialogue from “The Notebook.” With its lyrics “Ayyy, tell Lil Shorty to come here / I’m tryna blow her back out, walkin’ funny for the year,” 3 Musketeers,” one of her most quotable singles in the family newspaper, has over 20 million streams on Spotify.

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In recent years, feminine rappers with a strong s*xual presence have emerged, like Megan Thee Stallion, Cardi B, Flo Milli, Rico Nasty, and City Girls, who have pushed into a hip-hop scene usually dominated by despairing, often nihilistic young men. Even though Columbia Records signed her, she continues to update her R-rated OnlyFans page from the house in West Hollywood where she quarantines with her producer and rotating friends on the couch, with little to do but record in her bedroom, eat takeout at her favorite crab-boil restaurant, and interact on social media with her million followers.

“As a kid, I hated school, but I wanted so much to go to school so I would not have to be at home,” she said. ‘I don’t have any time for it.” she said. [My fans] have probably locked themselves in their rooms and been on their phones all day, and I know it can be depressing. In short, I want people to know they’re not alone.”

 A Black African mother and a white father, she spent her childhood bouncing between her parents’ and grandparents’ homes in Santa Clarita, a super-white community, and a much rougher Valley where she felt perpetually torn between cultures.

Santa Clarita is nothing, bro, so if I see someone from there acting like they’re big and bad, I laugh because they have no business being like that. As a girl attending a predominantly white school, I had girls question me, ‘How does your hair grow six inches in a day?’’ Do you think you are stupid? She laughed, pointing to her wig. I wonder how many times I have to repeat my ethnicity.

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It wasn’t hard to come out as gay, comparatively. “My grandparents always told me to marry boys.” At the time, she was like, “I’m 12.” But now they have no problem with it. She found an outlet for her performative streak in ballet and dance lessons, but high school in Los Angeles gave her the maturity to handle the rigors of very modern music fame. Her laughter was accompanied by the statement, “People hate me, and it’s nothing.”. Honestly, “I’ve grown accustomed to it.”. My self-esteem is low. I’m not worried about it.”

After school, she did a stint dancing at a Los Angeles nightclub, and her first rap nickname was trapbunniebubbles (which is now emblazoned under each of her eye sockets). After a bad night, she discovered how cocaine works, as she told her followers on Instagram Live. When I was an addict, I was very unhealthy. I’m now sober.”

 Despite this, her lyrics are filthy almost to a fault. It feels like an episode of “Law & Order: SVU” about the trouble teens can get into online, so “DDLG,” short for “Daddy Dom / Little Girl,” is a good fit. One fan wrote to the right-wing commentator, who was quite disturbed by “WAP,” asking Ben Shapiro to listen to DDLG by PPcocaine.)

It’s hard not to root for someone who uses tracks like “PJ” to terrorize their parents when they’re locked in quarantine, but PPCocaine sells her tracks with such verve and ad-libbed agility that she’d come across as a bit of a jerk. PPcocaine’s producer and roommate Spain, who cut beats for Soundcloud before dedicating himself full-time to the project, described her as one of the fastest-working artists around. He described her as someone who intuitively reads others.

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Hip-hop and TikTok have a symbiotic relationship, but its future is uncertain. Despite the relatively high number of acts such as Roddy Ricch and Lil Nas X who rely on the platform to propel their careers into stable, artistically rewarding ones, countless others flicker and disappear.

Ppcocaine is rightfully wary of being lashed too tightly to the platform. She made her early fan base in the circles of the young lesbian and queer content creators online there. But she doesn’t hang out at the famed L.A. content houses and doesn’t personally know any of the influencers who helped launch her stardom. “I’m more of an artist that uses TikTok, not a TikToker made into an artist,” she said. “That drama’s really not something that I’m trying to surround myself with.”

Columbia Records clearly thinks there’s long-term potential here — her A&R representative at the label, Juba Lee, helped turn Diplo into a pop star. While these singles are some of the first tracks ppcocaine has ever recorded, she has a madcap, giddy delivery and charisma that could eventually yield a single like Doja Cat’s No. 1 “Say So,” even if ppcocaine rolled her eyes a bit when a Times reporter made that very obvious reference point for her sound.

Her debut album for Columbia is a long way off yet, though she and Spain write new music every day, and she has a new professionally filmed video for “3 Musketeers,” with NextYoungin, out next week. Without touring or in-person appearances, ppcocaine will, for now, have to live where she started her rap career — online at home in sweltering L.A., albeit now able to drive loops in the new Tesla she bought herself as a treat for signing her major-label deal.

Even the biggest stars are struggling to keep fans’ attention during COVID-19. But whatever fame has turned into today, ppcocaine has it. She just has to keep it long enough for everyone to get outside again. “I’m an attention seeker, it makes me feel good,” she said. “I’m going to get a radio hit. It’s going to have to be censored, but I’m going to get everything.”

Ppcocaine videos

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Ppcocaine Onlyfans Networth

According to estimates, PPcocaine’s net worth in 2021 will be more than $4m. The ways in which she earns money are through singing, live shows, recording, brand promotions, and endorsements.

Ppcocaine Onlyfans, Reddit, Instagram, etc.

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Ppcocaine Onlyfans video, images and pics

Ppcocaine video

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