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Who is Rubi Rose OnlyFans?

The popular American rapper, model, and singer Rubi Rose is well-known for his work as a rapper, model, and singer. Born in Kentucky, USA, on October 2, 1997, she has lived in Geneva, Switzerland, all her life.

At present, she resides in Georgia, Atlanta, and is pursuing her education. Instagram has over 1.2 million followers, and Ruby is one of the most popular Instagram models. Despite formerly having a model career, Rubi is also an accomplished musician and rapper.

A few of her music videos, including “Bigmouth” and “Trickin”, have also been released. Her other notable performances include her appearance in the 2018 concert “Ontop.”


However, modeling was only her way into the music industry. Her music videos with various popular music artists have been viewed millions of times.

Rubi Rose OnlyFans
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OnlyFans Rubi Rose Biography

Rapper, model, singer, songwriter, and video vixen Rubi Rose came to the top of the charts in 2006. Her most well-known appearance was in the music video for Migos’ hit ‘Bad and Boujee’. On Instagram, she has around 2.6 million followers and has posted 726 times.

As of 2019, she is affiliated with Hitco Home Mortgage. Furthermore, she is an exceptionally gifted MC in addition to being a rapper and video vixen.


Her biggest hit last year, ‘Hit Yo Dance’ with NLE Choppa and Yella Beezy, was released while she was still in college.

In addition to collaborating with rappers like Young Buddha, Jahrone Brathwaite, DeAndre Hunter, Xaviard Baird, K Camp, and Efram, Rose has also worked with “Viral”, “Whole Lotta Liquor”, “Papi”, “The Truth”, and “He in His Feelings”.

In addition, she has her Onlyfanpage, wherein subscriptions cost around $163.10 a year with a 20% discount. Free trials are available for 30 days.

As a high school graduate, she planned to go to law school, but she decided to take a political science course instead. The young woman said it was difficult to balance both her rap career and her education.


Georgia State University welcomed her as a student. Rose said, “I originally planned to go to law school, but Georgia State’s pre-law department does not exist, so I chose Political Science to further prepare for a law school career.

Added “I am a senior, and I will graduate soon.” soon.”.” I added “It’s quite a lot, but I only take classes on Mondays and Wednesdays. That’s how I approach everything and I always stay focused.

Luckily, I have someone to assist me. Besides, my mother is African and I need to do it for her. [laughter]”He added, “In any and every way I can.”.

Whether it’s a feature, a producer, or a musician… Atlanta has just the vibe. You can find anything and everything there! It is such a different city from Los Angeles.”

Only Fans Rubi Rose Wiki biography

NameRubi Rose
BirthdayOctober 2, 1997
Famous AsModel, Rapper
Zodiac SignLibra
Net worthApprox. $1 Million US Dollars
BirthplaceLexington, Kentucky, USA
Heightfeet and inches- 5’4”
Weightkilograms- 55 kg
Body Measurements34-25-35
Shoe size7 (US)
Marital statusUnmarried

Rubi Rose Age 2022

As of 2022, Rubi Rose is 24 years old and her date of birth is October 2, 1997.

Rubi Rose Family

FatherJohn Benton
MotherNardis Ghebrelul

Ruthi was born in Lexington, Kentucky, but she spent a significant amount of time in Geneva, Switzerland, during her childhood. Her mother moved to Atlanta when she was a teenager. It is her parents, John Benton and Nardos Ghebrelul, who raised her.

Rose’s father is Black American and Japanese and comes from a legal family. In addition, her mother is an immigrant from Eritrea, who works as a dentist. There are two sisters for Rose. They both have the name Scarlett, while the other’s identity remains secret.

Rubi Rose says non-black people can use the N-word if their intent is positive.

Rubi Rose’s recent statement about who can use the N-word has raised eyebrows.

Rubi Rose appeared on the channel of prominent Twitch broadcaster Adin Ross on Monday, August 8. During the conversation, the N-word came up because Rose mistaken Ross for a light-skinned Black man, and Ross asked whether he could use the slur.

Rubi Rose said, to the surprise of the other chat participants, who were all Black men, “I’m personally fine with anyone saying anything, as long as their aim is not to be offensive.” “Because I am confident that you, Adin, adore Black people.

There are numerous African Americans on your channel. You probably adore Black music. Therefore, as long as the individual is not saying it maliciously, I don’t care about other people, because I have Mexican homegirls and White homegirls who say it. They are cool with the fact that we are pals.”

In the past, Rubi Rose has made some puzzling statements. During an interview on the Big Facts podcast earlier this year, she stated that she flashes gang signs because she finds them cute, not because she is a member of a gang.

She said, “I’m not actually a gang member.” Rubi Rose stated, “I’m aware that this is akin to an internet joke.” “I was surrounded by gang members, and I enjoy displaying their gang signs because I find it adorable. I adore the hue red. I am not a part of a gang, however.”

The last time the N-word dispute made headlines in hip-hop, White Roddy Ricch fans rapping the term during a concert in England dominated social media.

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Rubi Rose Boyfriend, Husband, Affairs, and More

During Rubi’s relationship with Playboat Carta, she ended things. It was through her friends that she met him. When Rose was starting her career, she met him through her friends. However, even though Playboat had a few great moments, it was impulsive enough to shoot at Rose at one point.

Following their separation, Carta began a relationship with the musical artist Iggy Azealia. According to Rubi, in an interview with No Jumper, she is focusing on her career and not relationships. According to sources, 21 Savage and Playboat Carta were among her ex-boyfriends.

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credit card

Rubi Rose’s height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 4″
  • Weight – 55 kg
  • Body Measurements – 34-25-35 (Breast: 34 Inches, Waist: 25 Inches, Hips: 35 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Brown
  • Hair Colour – Brown

Rubi Rose Instagram, Twitter

Across Instagram and Twitter, she has a following of 2.5 million and 526.3k, respectively. According to her Instagram account, she follows personalities like Corpse Husband, Shanty Franco, and Justin Dior Combs. In addition to Instagram, she also has a Facebook fan page.

Rubi Rose Carrier

Initially, Rubi Rose shared her photos on Instagram with her growing followers. Her modeling career basically served as a launching pad for her music career. An opportunity to work on a music video for LVRN was one of her first professional contacts.

“Cigarette Song” is the video Raury used to promote his album. Her roles in Migos’ mega-hit “Bad and Boujee” were heavily featured in a music video directed by Daps that has been viewed 936+ million times. Also featured in the music video is Lil Uzi Vert.

As Rubi grew in popularity, more opportunities were opened to him. Rubi is in a music video with Young Thug that has not yet been released. Around the time the video was shot, she was still a freshman at school.


Her now ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti featured Rubi Rose on his single “On Top” in 2018. She sings about “getting top.” The song was produced by StoopidXool & MexikoDro and has racked up more than two million spins on SoundCloud.

Free-styling isn’t something Rubi is particularly fond of. This is her debut solo track Trickin, released in January 2019. The band Electric Republic released it. Her second single, “Big Mouth” came out in June 2019. In September 2019, the music video for the song was launched.

During the SXSW Music Conference’s opening night at Buffalo Billiards, Rubi Rose made her debut as an artist. She collaborated with Cuban Doll and Renni Rucci on a single titled “A.G.F.” during 2019.

Producer Zabba was responsible for the production. Following the success of Big Mouth, Rubi signed with Hitco Entertainment, a LA Reid production company. A song called “Hit Yo Dance” featuring Yella Beezy and NLE Choppa brought 2019 to a close. The artist’s latest single, “Pretty MF”, was released in April 2020.

Rubi Rose onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Rubi Rose has 1+ million followers on Instagram (therubirose) and 125K+ on Twitter (RubixxRose). She has 380K+ monthly listeners on Spotify.

Rubi Rose Onlyfans Images & Videos

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OnlyFans Rubi Rose Net worth

In addition to being a model, rapper, and singer, Rose is based in the United States. In addition to appearing in Migos’ songs, including Bouie and Bad, she earned prominent recognition. Ribbi is followed by over 2 million people just on Instagram.

A contract was signed between the twenty-five-year-old and the organization HITCO in 2019. Several songs she has released, including Hit Yo Dance, Yells Breezy, and NLE Chopper, have been extremely popular.

He has worked with a variety of artists, such as Efrem, DeAndre Hunter, and Young Buddha, among others. Pipi, He in His Feelings, Viral, and Whole Lotta Love are a few of the tracks you’ll find on this playlist.

Only Fans has an exclusive account for the singer. Obtaining a yearly membership is over $ 163.10 with few discounts, and the first month is free. While pursuing her music career, Rose also studies at Georgia State University.

Rubi had originally intended to study law but transferred to the Political Science program instead. Her studies and music have been well balanced throughout her academic career. Rubib gave her performance at the On Top concert last year.

Approximately $1 Million is Ruby’s net worth; she earned it from her music career, Only Fans, and endorsements on social media. Her subscribers on YouTube exceed one hundred thousand.

Additionally, her Only Fans account has more than one hundred thousand likes. Rumi is also lively on social media. According to her Twitter profile, she has more than 600,0During an argument with Rose’s ex, Playboi Carti fired a shot at her argument.

When Playboi Carti was just starting out, Rubi and he exchanged friendships with each other. During that time, they were friends before they fell in love. The couple had a great relationship. However, Carti shot at Rose at one point.

Playboi used to love shooting from the balcony of her house in Atlanta, Rubib explained in an interview on VLADTV. One day, he shot his wife after she hid his phone so that he would not be able to leave the house.

During her conversation with Dj Vlad, Rubi downplayed the incident: Vlad: Rose describes Rose and Playboi Carti as “crazy… we got into a little argument because I hid his phones before his flight, but it wasn’t even a big deal.

It wasn’t like we were fighting or anything.” Rose and Playboi Carti broke up, and the rapper moved on with Iggy Azelia. Ruby stated in an interview with No Jumper that if she was still with Playboi, she would not be in the same position as she is now.

According to Ruby, it’s imperative that she keeps it moving. The place where I am right now wouldn’t be where it is if I was still with him. So I have to think of it like that… I was just so in love with him. I just loved him so much.”

Rubi Rose Controversy & Rumors

Playboi Carti, a rapper, became the victim of domestic violence when she was in a relationship with him. TMZ reports the rapper asked the rapper to call her mother during their argument, and she told cops the argument started over a small matter.

The rapper asked the rapper to call her mother anyway. It didn’t take long for the argument to become violent as they started grabbing and pushing each other. After being arrested, the rapper admitted to assaulting the woman.

When Rubi shared his photo on social media, Young Thug’s girlfriend reacted publicly. While talking about her spat with Young Thug’s girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae, Rubi said, “At the time, I was young and stupid, and I should have chilled out.”

In July, Rubi and Jerrika fought over a photo of Young Thug posted on Twitter with the caption, “Bae as f*ck.” Rubi responded, “Bae as f*ck!” and Jerrika replied, “I defend Bae.” The feud between Jerrika and Rubi has since been resolved, and the two are now friends.

According to Rose, she has given up dating rappers and focuses her energies on her career. Numerous high-profile rappers have worked with Rubi, including Playboi Carti, 21 Savage, and Travis Scott.

The woman claims she has ended her relationship with rappers because it does not help her career. No Jumper quoted her as saying: “I am so productive in this amount of time because I have made niggas leave me alone… and niggas do not want you to shine – at least the guys that I encounter.”

Rose has chosen not to pursue relationships because her main focus is on her music. In response to Flaunt Magazine’s question about whether Rubi is dating, she responded, “No, Rubi’s not.”. “She’s too focused on her career.”

Only Fans Rubi Rose Favorites and Facts

  • The singer Rubi Rose was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 2, 1998. She is of American nationality from the fact that she was conceived in the country.
  • Ruby Rose Langenheim is known to her fans as Rubi Rose, but it is her real name, which was kept by her parents when she was born.
  • It is estimated that Rubi will reach the age of 21 in 2020. She has already gathered a huge fan base through her modeling and music at such a young age.
  • Rumi has mixed ethnicities. Members of her ancestry come from a variety of ethnicities.
  • Besides, she’s an Instagram star who likes to wear cool clothes. The Rubi Rose has a fan following of 2 million on her Instagram account @therubirose.
  • Also on Twitter, Rubix Rose has 342.6 thousand followers under her @RubixxRose handle.
  • Before she becomes mainstream enough to be included on Wikipedia, the upcoming star still has a long way to go. While she has a WikiBio profile, we will find information about her boyfriend and height on it.
  • She is reported to stand at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, based on her profiles.
  • As reported in the news recently, Playboi Carti returned to freedom after being arrested and charged with drug possession.
  • The contract she signed with Hitco Entertainment means that he is an official member of the company. As of now, her management is under the supervision of an executive by the name of Electric Republic.

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Rubi Rose New controversial Image going viral

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