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Shanaya Abigail, an Indian model born on April 15, 1995, in Uttar Pradesh, gained prominence in the world of shape modeling. Hailing from a family of farmers, she embarked on a unique career path that led her from a local bar to the skies.

Family and Background:

Born into a Hindu family, Shanaya’s father was a farmer. Despite her humble beginnings, Shanaya’s journey reflects her determination to break barriers.

Early Career:

Initially hesitant, Shanaya found herself working alongside her friend Nina in a bar within a star hotel. Their job involved catering to high-class clientele. Though challenging, this job became a stepping stone for Shanaya’s aspirations.

Struggles and Dreams:

Shanaya, aspiring to become a flight attendant, faced challenges from the patrons of the bar. Some offered financial support for her studies, while others had ulterior motives. Despite the difficulties, Shanaya persisted, managing to fund her education and even acquiring proper air hostess attire.

Bar Job and Financial Support:

Working in the bar not only provided Shanaya with financial stability but also connected her with influential patrons who assisted her in pursuing her dream of becoming a flight attendant.

Transition to the UK:

Upon completing her flight attendant course, Shanaya secured a position with an international carrier, initially working on a private aircraft in the UK. Despite feeling unsettled in this role, she continued as a private air hostess, providing in-flight massages for corporate clients.

Professional Dilemma:

While Shanaya excelled in her current role, she faced a dilemma: continue in her unique position or pursue a traditional flight attendant career. The decision was not easy, as leaving her current job might affect her career trajectory.

Balancing Roles:

Shanaya, torn between her present role as an air performer masseuse and her dream of becoming a conventional flight attendant, became a healthcare expert for her business-class clients.

Opportunity Beckons:

A significant turning point occurred when one of her clients offered her a superior opportunity as a flight attendant on an Indian airline. This prompted Shanaya to return to India and embrace a new chapter in her career.

In essence, Shanaya Abigail’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination, showcasing how unconventional paths can lead to fulfilling dreams.


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