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Who is Sssniperwolf OnlyFans?

A video channel for gaming and cosplay that is based in the United States, SSSniperWolf. SSSniperWolf is the rising YouTube sensation with more than 30 million subscribers, and the name everyone is thinking of and visiting.

There are not only videos about video games and sssniperwolf cosplays on this YouTube channel, but we also get sneak peeks into the life of this spectacular English-American YouTuber. SSSniperWolf, a world-renowned YouTuber and YouTube Queen will share her lifestyle and YouTube journey in this article. You can find everything you need to know about SSSniperWolf here.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Biography

Who is SSSniperWolf? Lia Shelesh, also known as ‘Sniper Wolf’, is an English-American sensation who goes by the pseudonym SSniperWolf. Lia was born in Liverpool, England in 1992. However, at the age of 6, she moved to the United States with her family and has lived there ever since.

She is the oldest of four siblings. Greek, Turkish, and Iraqi ancestry accounts for her unique and attractive features. As a young child, SSSniperWolf started playing video games.

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‘Weird Girl’ describes herself in one of her videos as someone who had different interests and wanted to show the world that girls can play video games too. A YouTube channel dedicated to video games and girls has been a real success for her, breaking the stereotype of girls and video games.

Her father got her a PlayStation 1 because of her addiction to video games, which was extremely unusual for an eight-year-old girl at the time. It was Metal Gear Solid that completely captivated her and she still admires it today. It was not only Lia’s first game, which she got pretty serious about at the age of 7, but it also helped her in the YouTube industry.

She is also a top social media influencer and has collaborated with many companies and organizations to brand themselves. Lia is known for recording videos and playing the very famous video game Call of Duty: Black Ops II. EA, Ubisoft, and Disney are a few of those companies.

Her enormous fan base has led to Lia receiving a score of 72 for her influence. Among her other awards, she earned the title of ‘Gamer of the Year’ from the Kids Choice Awards in 2019. The main source of income for Lia is YouTube, which accounts for her net worth of $7 million.


Sssniperwolf Wiki biography

sssniperwolf real nameAlia Shelesh, Lia Shelesh
BirthdayOctober 22, 1992
Famous AsYouTuber, Gamer, and Social Media Personality
Siblings2 brothers and 1 sssniperwolf sister
Zodiac SignLibra
Net worth$7 Million Dollars
BirthplaceLiverpool, England
BoyfriendEvan Sausage
HeightHot sssniperwolf feet and inches- 5’4”
Weightkilograms- 52 kg pounds- 115 lbs
Body Measurements35 – 24 – 36
Sssniperwolf Wiki biography

Sssniperwolf Age 2022

how old is sssniperwolf? She was born on October 22nd, 1992. As of 2021, SSSniperWolf is 30 years old.

Sssniperwolf Family

Alia grew up in a family of immigrants in the United Kingdom, where her parents spoke Arabic to her and her siblings. Paul Shelesh, Bakir Shelesh, and Ranya Shelesh are her siblings. Neither she nor her boyfriend, Evan John Young, are in a relationship.

The woman stated that she was not planning on having a baby soon. The woman is best friends with DigitalNex, as well as with Greta. Additionally, she is friends with Vy, the girlfriend of DigitalNex (Chris).

Along with Dang Matt Smith, Ricegum, Lilly Singh, and FaZe Rug, she is also friends with fellow YouTubers. As part of her career, she has also gained the friendship of several cosplayers, gamers, and anime fans. According to her, she was shy and paranoid of drama, so she did not make many YouTubers Friends. In addition to a friendly rivalry with AzzyLand, she also has a rivalry with PewDiePie.

Sssniperwolf Boyfriend, Affairs, and More

A similar YouTuber, Evan Sausage, and Alia started dating in 2013. A YouTube video from 2015 titled How I Met My Boyfriend detailed how they met. It began with Evan messaging her. As the two began interacting online, they quickly developed a rapport and began chatting all day long on text and Skype. Despite the rough beginnings and growing pains of their relationship, they eventually met and bought a house together.

A YouTuber revealed in a video entitled We Broke Up in May 2016 that she and Sausage had separated and that he had moved out of the house. It was also mentioned that Sausage had fled to Las Vegas and had not contacted her. In a video titled We Got Back Together, she explained that they were back together by June 2016.

Despite their rekindled romance, it did not last long. By September that year, SSSniperWolf posted another video explaining that they were no longer together but still friendly and still living together. A few months later, she was referring to Sausage as her boyfriend once more. He started appearing in her videos more and more often, rating her outfits, and getting pranked.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Education

In his last semester of high school, Shelesh began taking online classes at Glendale Community College. Later, she enrolled in a pharmacy program at a university but switched to nursing. Her nursing prerequisites were completed, but she decided to take some time off. In June 2015, she tweeted that she was considering returning to school for a degree in game design. However, she has not done so.

Sssniperwolf height, weight, etc.

  • Height –5′ 4″
  • Weight – 52 kg
  • Body Measurements – 35-24-36 (Breast: 35 Inches, Waist: 24 Inches, Hips: 36 Inches)
  • Eye Colour – Dark brown
  • Hair Colour – Black

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans YouTube

As one of the top female gamers on YouTube, Lia began her YouTube career in 2013 and has a huge fan following of 30 million subscribers. Her videos have received an average of 5.3 billion views and she has made more than 2.3k videos about gaming. Additionally, she makes videos of herself wearing cosplay for her huge audience to enjoy.

Lia’s channel today is not just dedicated to video games and reaction videos, but also shares a lot about her personal life and participates in particular trending challenges on YouTube. Based on SocialBook statistics, her videos are about gaming 82.3 percent, lifestyle 8.22 percent, and entertainment 7.3 percent. She is also extremely obsessed with arts and crafts, DIY, baking, and makeup, in addition to video games.

She has a separate YouTube channel called ‘LittleLiaWolf’ where she posts 94 videos and has about 2.21 million subscribers for all her other side interests. She created this channel in 2014 to hold all her other interests. In addition to being crowned with the title of ‘The Queen of YouTube’, SSSniperWolf has captured the hearts of every gamer.

Among the top influencers, Lia has a high level of demand in the brand community as well. Her cost per 1000 views is approximately $15-$17, according to the social book.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Carrier

In England, United Kingdom, Alia Marie “Lia” Shelesh was born on October 22, 1992. Originally from Greece, she grew up in England. When she was a child, she immigrated to the United States. In addition to her sister and two younger brothers, Ranya Lasagna is also a YouTuber.

Her parents bought Lia a Playstation when she was a child, and she hasn’t looked back since then. From the antagonist Sniper Wolf in Metal Gear Solid, Lia got her nickname SSSniperWolf.

According to Lia’s Twitter bio, she has more than 11.3 million followers, 5.2 million followers on Instagram, 1 million followers on Twitter, and 16.8 million followers on TikTok as of September 2021. In addition, she now has more than 3.59 million subscribers to a second YouTube channel named Little Lia Wolf.


Her YouTube channel was launched in 2013. Since then, Lia has accumulated millions of subscribers and 17 billion lifetime views. When she started out, her channel was primarily a gaming channel, and she played a lot of Call of Duty.

The focus of her channel shifted in 2017 and she now primarily focuses on gaming-related videos as well as DIY videos. The English channel Lia broke a record in July 2020, becoming the most-subscribed female channel. After starting her first YouTube channel, Lia began her second, Little Lia Wolf.

On the channel, she shares crafts, DIY projects, and other activities. In addition to posting photos of anime cosplay costumes and other lifestyle content on Instagram, Lia has a large following of her own. You can find the YouTube star working with a variety of brands, including Disney, EA, and Ubisoft.


When she was a young girl, she was considered the ‘weird’ girl. Having a high-profile gaming career has its perks and challenges. Being a gamer makes you accountable to others. The defamation case against Lia was dismissed due to insufficient proof after she said he was a convicted s*x offender in 2016.

Moreover, Lia has been arrested twice since 2016. A security guard was hit by the woman in 2013 and she resisted arrest when she was arrested for armed robbery. Despite the charges being reduced to a misdemeanor, she was in jail for two days.

Two years later, she was arrested again for driving under the influence. After a heated argument with her boyfriend, the police arrived and she was charged with disorderly conduct again for resisting arrest.

This charge was later dismissed. Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards named Lia one of the top gamer nominees in 2019. She received a lot of backlash following the nomination. Because she started to tone down her gaming content, many believed she wasn’t a real gamer anymore. However, the award went to her.

In the past, Lia and fellow YouTuber Evan Sausage were in a relationship. Sssniperwolf Merchandise for the Wolf Pack can be purchased through her official website, including hoodies, phone cases, and more.

Sssniperwolf onlyfans, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

Sssniperwolf Videos and Images

sssniperwolf thicc,
sssniperwolf thicc
sssniperwolf phone number
sssniperwolf phone number

Sssniperwolf Net worth

Net worth estimated by Celebrity Net worth at $7 million by SSSniperWolf.

OnlyFans SSSniperWolf no makeup

On her YouTube channel, we can see SSSniperWolf without makeup in her video BOYFRIEND DOES MY VOICEOVER | MAKEUP TUTORIAL. This video features her boyfriend Evan Sausage narrating what’s going on.

Where does SSSniperWolf live?

$2.9 million bought her a gorgeous house near Las Vegas in 2019. There are 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms in SSSniperWolf’s 5,000-square-foot house. Construction of the mansion was completed in 2018. In addition to views of the Las Vegas strip and an infinity pool, the home offers a wine room, theatre, outdoor kitchen, pocket walls, and a theatre.

Sssniperwolf OnlyFans Controversy

Exposing GirlGoneGamer

A few months later, Alia posted a video claiming she had exposed GirlGoneGamer in her Call of Duty Let’s Play videos, claiming the footage was faked.

Sued by Enigmahood

In an August 10, 2016, video, Alia slandered Engimahood as a “convicted s*x offender”. Engimahood sued her for slander. A defamation case brought by Enigmhood against Alia against was dismissed on September 29, 2017, as he could not prove that her comments affected him locally. The case was filed and he was subsequently sent to jail for two days.

Accused of lying about Overwatch rank

Alia was accused of lying in February 2017 when she claimed that she reached the top 500 in Overwatch on her own. Her account had been boosted with the help of another player, Sylvibot suggested. The original top 500 videos were also pinned as a comment by Alia. Alia’s claims were addressed by Sylvibot again in a video posted on the 24th.

Exposed by FaZe Censor

It was announced in July 2017 that Alia had been exposed by FaZe Censor. His fake text messages were attributed to Evan Sausage and Alia. Despite this, Censor went to Verizon and recovered his old text messages and conversations with Alia. FaZe Censor was then threatened violently with a lawsuit for older text messages Verizon had sent to the company.

Good Mythical Morning

Alia was supposed to appear on the Good Mythical Morning video for the following week until her appearance was canceled due to a lot of dislikes and negative comments.

Exposed by Nerd City

The Nerd City team released a video on May 18, 2018, in which MaxMoeFoe and Rusty Cage address Alia’s hypocrisy regarding her comments on other women by showcasing her persistent photo alterations.

Kids’ Choice Awards

The Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Gamer were given to Alia on March 23, 2019, and May 2, 2020. Many people on the internet have reacted negatively to this by saying that she is not a true gamer, due to the fact that she primarily posts reactions rather than original content as of 2019.

Despite the fact that Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and Ninja are all nominated for Favorite Gamer, these are clearly people with more gaming-related content. Users then began posting insulting comments and theories about why she won.

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