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Top 10 Most Unusual Celebrity Pets We’ve Ever Seen

Long gone are the days when we, human beings, were content with having dogs, cats and horses as pets. Now we are owning all kinds of exotic pets starting with snakes and lizards and ending with tigers and other inhabitants of the savannah. And it seems the more money you have, the more experimental you get with animals. Why not? If you can afford to keep it and feed it, then even a tiger can become your pet. Celebs have the means (and desire!) to get the most unusual animals and turn them into pets, so we could marvel at their ideas or, maybe, cross some of the animals out of our future-pet list. Here are 10 most unusual animals owned by celebrities.

Miniature Donkey (Reese Witherspoon)
Reese Witherspoon is a fan of animals and never misses a chance to add some to her collection. This cute breed of miniature donkeys is called ‘Donks’ and they are just as lovely as their name! Reese called her two new pets Honky and Tonky and they now live happily with her other pet pigs, goats, chickens and whatnot.

Pot-Bellied Pit (Megan Fox)
It’s hard to imagine Megan Fox as a proud owner of numerous dogs, birds and even a squirrel, but she is definitely all that, and what’s even more unusual is the cute pot-bellied pet-pig she calls Piggy Smalls. Megan is a gorgeous woman and she does know how to pick unique pets!

Chimp (Kim Kardashian)
Kim Kardashian is a real pro when it comes to publicity stunts. Everyone was shocked (well, at least to some extent) when she adopted Suzy, a three-year-old chimp that is now part of the Kardashian clan. Well, the chimp looks happy and we guess that’s all that matters!

Kinkajou (Paris Hilton)
Paris likes all things flashy and her cute Kinkajou pet is no different! The little critter, called Baby Luv, is an integral part of her everyday life and the two of them seem to be really happy. Apart from that one time when Paris received a nasty bite from Baby Luv back in 2006. But other than that? They are really cute together!

Pot-Bellied Pig (George Clooney)
Apparently pot-bellied pigs and celebs are a thing. George Cloonie was a happy pet-owner of Max the pig for 18 whole years, until the animal passed away in 2006. The two were really close!

Wolf-Dog Hybrid (Kristen Stewart)
Kristen might have been a fan of vampires over wolves in the Twilight Saga, but it’s all different in real life. Her mother actually raises wolf-dog hybrids for a living, so it’s not that surprising Kristen has one as a pet.

Wallaroo (Vanilla Ice)
Rapper Vanilla Ice has a few cute pets of his own. His fave pet is a 60-pound Wallaroo called Bucky Buckaroo, but he also owns a pet goat named Pancho. They look so happy together!

Lemurs (Kirstie Alley)
One of the benefits of being a celebrity is that you can have almost any animal as your pet. Kirstie Alley is a big fan of lemurs and owns not one, not two, but three of them! In fact, she adores them so much that they were included in her will. These are nocturnal animals that can be found mostly on Madagascar.

White Bengal Tigers (Mike Tyson)
It’s hard to imagine a more suitable pet for Mike Tyson. Former heavyweight boxing champion decided he wanted pets that were just as powerful as he was – so he went with three white Bengal tigers. Each cost him $70,000!

Anteater (Salvador Dali)
One of the greatest surrealists of all time had an equally unusual pet. Salvador Dali, a 20th-century genius, led a very peculiar and unorthodox lifestyle. Back in the late 60’s it wasn’t very unusual to see him strolling down the streets of Paris with a pet anteater on a leash. If that’s not crazy, then we don’t know what is!

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