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Arlette Jones: Nick Daicos Girlfriend

Let’s explore the world of Australian Rules Football, where tackles and goals are the main show. But, beyond the action on the field, emerging star Nick Daicos has a sweet side that’s caught the eye of fans. Meet Arlette Jones, Nick’s girlfriend and constant companion.

This blog will dive into their relationship, Nick’s journey to stardom, and the interesting dynamics that make their connection special.

Who is Nick Daicos’s ?

Nick Daicos, a rising star in Australian Rules Football (AFL). Born on February 3, 2003, in Victoria, Australia, Nick is following in the footsteps of his dad, Peter Daicos, an AFL legend from the Collingwood Football Club.

Nick caught everyone’s attention in junior football with his amazing skills. He’s a standout midfielder and forward, just like his dad. Nick is great at reading the game, making smart decisions, and nailing precise kicks. As we explore Nick’s journey, it’s a mix of family legacy and the exciting potential of a future AFL star.

Nick Daicos Age

As of now, Nick Daicos is 20 years old, born on January 3, 2003, in Melbourne, the heartland of Australian Rules Football (AFL). This city holds special significance as it marks the starting point of his journey in the sport.

Looking ahead to 2023, Nick will find himself at a crucial juncture in his burgeoning AFL career. At 20, he’s recognized as a young talent with immense potential, and his age hints at the exciting prospect of continued growth and development in the world of Australian Rules Football.

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Nick Daicos and Arlette Jones : A Love born in school

Beyond the excitement of Nick Daicos’s on-field performances, there’s a romantic tale unfolding off the pitch with his girlfriend, Arlette Jones. Arlette, a model and social media influencer, has been a steadfast support in Nick’s life.

Their journey began a few years ago at Carey Baptist Grammar School in Victoria, Australia, where they first met. What started as a friendship has blossomed into a beautiful romantic relationship, making them inseparable ever since.

Nick Daicos Career

Nick Daicos, a professional Australian rules footballer, has made a significant impact with the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). Born on January 3, 2003, in Victoria, and following his education at Oakleigh Grammar School, Nick’s football journey took off.

In 2021, he captained the Oakleigh Chargers in the NAB League, showcasing exceptional skills with an average of 35.8 disposals and 2 goals per game. This performance earned him attention and high expectations leading up to the 2021 AFL draft.

Collingwood selected Daicos as the first pick in the 2021 AFL draft. His senior debut in Round 1, 2022, against the St Kilda Football Club, was impressive, with 27 disposals, 10 contested possessions, and 5 marks. Throughout his debut season, Nick consistently showcased his talent, earning a Rising Star nomination in Round 3.

His achievements continued, culminating in a season-high 40 disposals and 3 goals against the Adelaide Crows in Round 18. Nick Daicos concluded his debut season with remarkable statistics, including 361 disposals, 653 kicks, 313 handballs, 25 goals, and 18 goal assists in 21 games.

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His outstanding contributions didn’t go unnoticed, as he secured a spot in the AFL Team of the Year and received the prestigious AFL Rising Star award, marking a stellar beginning to what promises to be a remarkable career.

Arlette Jones: More Than Nick Daicos’s Girlfriend

Arlette Jones isn’t just recognized as Nick Daicos’s girlfriend; she’s also a model and influential figure on Instagram with a substantial following of 16.7 thousand. Hailing from Victoria, Australia, Arlette has made a name for herself in the realms of fashion and lifestyle.

Her Instagram feed is a canvas of her life as a model, featuring designer women’s wear and cosmetic products. Despite her individual success, Arlette’s connection with Nick Daicos is a central theme in her online presence.

From being school friends to life partners, the couple’s journey is documented in posts that exude love and compatibility. Arlette’s steadfast support for Nick’s football career and their shared adventures have positioned them as a notable power couple in the Australian sports and entertainment scene.

Nick Daicos Nationality

Nick Daicos proudly identifies as Australian, hailing from the vibrant and sports-loving nation of Australia. His nationality is a testament to his deep connection to the country’s rich heritage, especially in Australian Rules Football (AFL), a sport that holds a special place in the hearts of Australians.

The Future Of Nick Daicos and Arlette Jones

As Nick Daicos steps into his third season in the AFL at the age of 20, he not only carries the hopes of Collingwood fans but also the heartwarming support of Arlette Jones. Their journey, from school friends to glamorous events and tranquil lakeside retreats, paints a picture of a relationship grounded in love, shared values, and mutual understanding.

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While the world eagerly follows Nick’s football journey, fans are equally intrigued by the unfolding chapters in the love story between Nick Daicos and Arlette Jones. As they navigate life’s adventures hand in hand, the dynamic duo’s off-field love story is as captivating as the goals scored on the AFL pitch.

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