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Who is Brenda Gantt?

Brenda Gantt is a former educator, cook, and social media influencer. She is most known for her Facebook cooking videos and will publish her debut cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” in 2021. Due to the pandemic, America and the rest of the world were under lockdown in the spring of 2020.

Brenda Gantt, whose business was damaged, posted a video on her Facebook page about preparing fresh biscuits. At the time, only her closest friends frequented her page, but the video went viral. Within two weeks, over a million people had viewed the video. She received requests from people she had never heard of for videos of her home cuisine. Thus, a phenomenon was born.

Brenda Gantt
Brenda Gantt Net Worth

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Brenda Gantt Biography

With the assistance of her tech-savvy son-in-law, Brenda Gantt created the Facebook page Cooking with Brenda Gantt. She continued to publish videos to the page and stumbled upon a large audience in search of lovely Southern home food. Her profile currently has over 2.5 million followers and 6.3k reviews with a perfect 5-star rating.

 However, Brenda’s culinary skills are not the only thing that made her a social media sensation. It is her Southern charm, warmth, generosity, and wit. Brenda is a fervent Christian, yet rather than repelling her audience, her faith endears her to them.

 Brenda, utilizing her Facebook popularity as a springboard, created an Instagram page with close to 190k followers. Later this year, her debut cookbook, titled “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” will be published. The book contains more than one hundred recipes that made Brenda a worldwide success, such as her homemade biscuits, tomato gravy, mac ‘n’ cheese, chocolate fudge pie, etc.


Brenda Gantt Wiki biography

NameBrenda Gantt
Full NameBrenda Ann Hicks
NicknameBig Mama
Famous AsTeacher, Chef
Zodiac SignLeo
Net worth$1 million US Dollars
BirthplaceNorthport, Alabama, USA
Marital statusMarried
HusbandLate George Gantt
Brenda Gantt bio

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Brenda Gantt Age 2022

At this time of writing, Brenda Gantt is in her mid-seventies. In 2020, she was a 74-year-old retired schoolteacher when she went viral. Since then, Brenda has maintained a strong social media presence while managing The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast.

Brenda Gantt’s Husband Died in 2018

Brenda Gantt became a widow in late 2018 after her 72-year-old husband of five decades, George Patton Gantt, passed away. George was from Andalusia, Alabama, and graduated from Livingston University with a degree in commerce. He was drafted into the US Marine Corps and discharged with honor.

George stayed in law enforcement as a member of the Alabama Beverage Control Board after completing his tenure. After 25 years as Chief and Director, he retired. George ran the Hickory Ridge Lodge and Sweetgum Bottom Antiques during his retirement.


In addition, George and Brenda ran the bed and breakfast together. In addition, George was a dedicated Christian who taught for three decades at the Bethany Baptist Church. On September 23, 2018, he died of natural causes at his home in Andalusia, surrounded by his beloved wife. His final resting place was the Bethany Baptist Church.

Brenda Gantt became a widow on September 23, 2018, when her longtime husband, George Gantt, died at the age of 72. They had been married for 50 years since 1968 when they tied the knot. George Gantt was born on April 6, 1946, as George Patton Gantt to Pollard Revenel Gantt and Edra May Worley Gantt.

Gantt, a native of Andalusia, Alabama, graduated with the class of 1964 from Andalusia High School. Gantt was an outstanding athlete at Andalusia High School, excelling in football, basketball, and baseball. He subsequently enrolled in the Business department at Alabama’s Livingston University.

Gantt served in the United States Marine Corps after graduating. Gantt stayed in law enforcement after his discharge as a member of the Alabama Beverage Control Board. Before resigning after 25 years with the ABC Board, Gantt attained the positions of Chief and Director.

Gantt, a guy of many talents and passions, dabbled in a variety of activities. He ran a lodge under the name Hickory Ridge Lodge. Additionally, he had a store named Sweetgum Bottom Antiques. When George was not following his passions, he pledged his loyalty to God.

George, a strong and devoted Christian, served as a deacon for 25 years at Bethany Baptist Church. George was interred at Bethany Baptist Church’s chapel. His widow Brenda, their two children, and five grandchildren survive him.

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Children and Grandchildren

Brenda Gantt and her late spouse had two children: a son Dallas Gantt and a daughter Hannah Gantt. Both of her children are adults with families of their own. Dallas Gantt, like his father before him, is a law enforcement officer for the Tuscaloosa Police Department.

He married fellow officer Anna Gantt, with whom he has two children: Isabella Gantt and William Gantt. Similarly, Hannah Gantt is married to Alabama District Attorney Walt Merrell. The couple has three daughters, whose names are Bay Merrell, Cape Merrell, and Banks Merrell.

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Inspired by Her Mother

Brenda Gantt spoke to on the vital effect her mother played in her decision to pursue cooking. Brenda claims that her mother was an amazing cook. In addition to having excellent taste, her mother also had Brenda assist her in the kitchen.

Brenda, reminiscing about her childhood, recalled a certain day: “When I was young, I didn’t like cheese. But Mother continued to prepare macaroni and cheese for me throughout the years. I eventually started to enjoy it.” Brenda attributes her passion for cooking and works ethic to her mother.

Accidental Fame

Brenda was in the twilight of her life when she unintentionally gained fame. In March 2020, on a typical day, Brenda uploaded a video of herself baking biscuits to Facebook. Nobody, even Brenda, anticipated that the video would go viral and make her an overnight sensation.

Brenda told Fred Hunter of WBRC-6 in August 2020, “One day, I was just preparing lunch.” And I thought, “Well, I’ll just hold up my phone right here, get my biscuit bowl, and cook these biscuits on my tiny Facebook and post them.”

Furthermore, she went on to say,

“Within two weeks, it reached a million views, and I believe it’s currently at three million, and America is making biscuits!”


At the time of the interview, Brenda’s Facebook following was approaching 700 thousand. She eventually reached one million followers in September of 2020. Brenda’s “Cooking with Brenda Gantt” Facebook page has 2.3 million followers as of June 2021.

Using Social Influence for a Good Cause

In addition, Brenda assists local businesses in the rural Alabama community. Through her internet following alone, she assisted local companies in thriving and, in some circumstances, prevented their demise.

Brenda is also a fervent Christian, and in addition to her cooking videos, she has persuaded vast numbers of people to attend church. In addition, she raised the number of visitors to Bethany Baptist Church’s online services single-handedly.

Nathan Daniels, a pastor at Bethany Baptist, attributed Brenda’s encouragement to the rise in YouTube views for the church’s videos: “There’s been a very big increase, mostly due to her support. Brenda will be a light for Jesus in every video she creates and in everything she does. It’s not just encouraging people to tune in to worship, which is wonderful and we’re so thankful she takes that stand.

Brenda Gantt Cookbook

It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all, Gantt’s debut cookbook, is scheduled for release on November 12, 2021. Now accepting pre-orders with an estimated MSRP of $34.95 According to the official description, the book contains more than a hundred of Gantt’s signature breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. In addition, the book has “personal anecdotes, useful instructions, and photographs of each recipe.”

Brenda Gantt Recipes

Brenda Gantt garnered international renown for her unique interpretations of several traditional Southern dishes. It was her recipe for buttermilk biscuits that went viral on Facebook and pushed her to Internet fame. Her recipes are not a secret, and in her “Cooking with Brenda Gantt” Facebook videos, she demonstrates how to prepare them step-by-step.

In addition, she will shortly publish a cookbook containing over a hundred recipes. Fans may now learn the secrets behind her buttermilk biscuits, tomato gravy, fried okra, squash Alabama, mac ‘n’ cheese, orange slice cake, and chocolate pie, among other recipes.

Brenda Gantt Instagram, Reddit, etc.

  • Brenda Gantt Instagram
  • Brenda Gantt Facebook
  • Brenda Gantt Twitter
  • Brenda Gantt Youtube
  • Brenda Gantt Tiktok
  • Brenda Gantt Snapchat
  • Brenda Gantt Reddit
  • Brenda Gantt Twitch

Brenda Gantt Recipe Videos

Cooking Chicken with Brenda Gantt

Brenda Gantt’s residence is furnished with conventional Southern woman’s furnishings. There are antique dressers, trinkets, hand-made pottery, and a dining room table large enough to fit an entire village. Her now-famous chicken recipes are prepared with well-seasoned cast iron cookware in a cozy kitchen.

The 74-year-old Andalusia native rose to celebrity during last year’s C*VID-19 pandemic when a video of her demonstrating how to make homemade biscuits went viral. She’s also famed for her chicken, a technique she got from her mother, according to Gantt. “Aside from getting married and having to work things out for me, my mother was my true cooking instructor,” said Gantt, a retired educator.

“Yes, I have occasionally undercooked chicken and had to return it to the fryer or oven, but that was when I first became interested in cooking. I believe that most of it involve trial and error.” In addition to her social media fame, Gantt owns The Cottle House, a bed and breakfast with an eight-month waiting list. The B&B is across the street from her home, and she prepares daily breakfast for her visitors.

She stated that she enjoys seeing folks devour her dishes. “It always makes me feel good when someone enjoys my cooking, whether it’s chicken or something else,” remarked Gantt. “If we’re going to cook, we want those who consume it to like it.

I enjoy seeing people return for seconds.” Gantt, who is known for her catchphrase “It’s going to be good, y’all,” attributes her online success to God and views it as an opportunity to educate people on how to cook and share a little bit about Jesus.

 Gantt stated, “People remark my cuisine is delicious and reminds them of their grandparents or mothers.” “However, they claim that Jesus is the true frosting on the cake and that I am uplifting them and giving them hope via Christ. Some claim that they had quit cooking, but that my movies have inspired them to return to the kitchen.

 “The Lord has had a hand in this since April 2020, when I uploaded my first video. I didn’t plan it. He made it happen, so I got to mention His name.” According to Gantt, the choices for cooking a whole chicken are practically unlimited, and she shares a few simple preparation suggestions.

 “Chicken is a healthy, high-protein meat that children require,” she remarked. “It can be stretched so far that even the bones can be used to make soup. Never discard anything other than the skeletons after nothing remains on them.”

Brenda’s Quick Chicken-Prep Tips

“In order to properly carve a chicken or anything else, you must have a sharp knife,” explains Gantt. Using a knife sharpener, you draw the blade towards your body. “Iron sharpens iron” is a biblical proverb. It is true for both metal and people who build one other up.” Once the blade is sharp:

  • Don’t forget to disinfect the sink after washing the chicken in a clean sink.
  • Start by cutting and dividing the chicken’s legs and thighs on each side.
  • Afterward are the wings. According to Gantt, “I grasp the chicken by the wing and utilise the bird’s weight to draw it down while I cut.” I remove a portion of the breast with them so that there is additional meat. I also removed the point.”
  • Remove the back and use it to make soup.
  • Slice out the pulley bone, (the heart-shaped section at the top of the breasts) (the heart-shaped piece at the top of the breasts).
  • Then, the “saddle” is removed, leaving the two breasts to be removed.
  • Prepare your desired chicken dishes. Keep this in mind when baking, as every oven is unique.

Gantt stated that what follows next in her journey is in the hands of the Lord, notwithstanding her celebrity. She stated, “I am completely unconcerned about that.” “If the world ends tonight, that is God’s will. I’m confident He’d close one door and then open another. I don’t even worry about such things, and I suppose part of the reason for that is that I haven’t realized what this all means anyway.”

Brenda Gantt’s Net worth

Brenda Gantt, the most beloved grandmother in Alabama, has an estimated net worth of $500,000. At the age of seventy, Brenda is more successful than she has ever been. After a Facebook video of her cooking went viral, Gantt became an internet celebrity. She currently has two and a half million Facebook followers and her videos have millions of views.

 In addition, she became a local celebrity, and her family’s B&B, The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast, attracts guests from all over the world for her renowned meals. Brenda is now marketing her new cookbook, “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” which can be pre-ordered for $34.95 plus shipping and handling.

Income Sources

Brenda’s biggest earning sources are Facebook and youtube. As Facebook and youtube pay an average of $10 per 1000 views for food/cooking-related content, her videos offer her attractive revenue. With millions of views on every video, it’s no wonder, Brenda Gantt’s net worth is $1 million which is set to climb as she is regularly posting news videos and each of them is becoming viral.

Moreover, her family operates a business, ‘The Cottle home bed and breakfast.’ As she became an Internet sensation, her local business exploded. Now, hundreds of people stop by every day to grab a snack at the place. Brenda is also slated to produce a cookbook at the end of 2021.

She has made pre-order choices for her followers available, beginning at $34.95. The book is titled ‘It’s going be good y’all,’ which includes special cooking tutorials. Brenda Gantt has also launched an Instagram handle that serves a similar purpose to her Facebook page. Currently, it has 188k followers. With everything, Brenda Gantt’s net worth in 2021 is $1.5 Million.

Brenda Gantt FAQs

Was Brenda Gantt on Kelly Clarkson’s show?

The Kelly Clarkson Show – Cooking with Brenda Gantt: Fried Apple Pie | Facebook | By The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Who owns Gantt Lake?

The reservoir impounds the Conecuh River and is approximately 2,700 acres in area with 21 kilometers of shoreline. The River Falls Power Company erected Gantt Dam in the 1920s, but it is presently operated by Alabama Electric Cooperative for hydropower generating.

How much does Brenda Gantt’s cookbook cost?

$34.95. The cookbook is priced at $34.95 plus $5.00 shipping & handling and any applicable sales tax.

What is the name of Brenda Gantt’s cookbook?


Linger Around the Table Y’all. Everyone’s favorite Southern granny, Brenda Gantt, is back with another cookbook: Linger Around the Table Y’all.


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