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Leah Gotti: Boyfriends, Affairs, Husband and More

Who is Leah Gotti?

Leah Gotti is an American pornographic actress and erotic model who has made a big mark in the porn industry. Before she embarked on her career in adult entertainment, she was very active while studying in school.

She was the captain of the wrestling team in high school as well as played varsity softball and ran varsity track every year.

After she graduated from high school, Leah got involved with Dallas Entourage and started hosting events for them which eventually led her to become an international star in the adult entertainment industry.

Her ability to look good on camera and her absolute love for sex were some of the features that contributed to her success. Throughout 2019, Leah retired from this business after releasing more than 150 films.

Over the years, Leah has been building on her astounding legacy having earned several awards including AVN Awards nominations in 2017 for Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene and Best Three-Way Sex Scene as well as a 2017 Xbiz Award nomination for Best Actress. This much-deserveding popularity of this amazing porn actress increases day by day showing no sign of stopping.

Although not actively seen anymore, she will always be remembered as someone who started small but achieved big successes through dedication and passion for pornography.

Quick Over View About Leah :

Born Name

Raegan Leah Brogdon

Nick NameLeah Gotti
Sun SignLibra
Born PlaceSherman, Texas, United States
ResidenceThe United States of America
Leah studied at Whitesboro High School before going on to attain a
degree in Engineering and Biotechnology degree from Wayland Baptist University.

Leah Gotti Height / Weight / Age

 Her hair is brown, and her eyes are hazel. Leah is not currently active on any social networking platforms. She has a low profile and has a limited internet presence.

Leah Gotti was born on October 4th in the year 1997,

When it comes to Leah’s height and weight, she doesn’t appear to be much taller than average. Her height measures 5 feet 2 inches and her weight is approximately 50 kg.

Leah is a stunning woman. She has a curvaceous physique and fair skin. Leah’s height and weight are 5 feet 2 inches and 50 kg, respectively. Her body dimensions (chest, waist, and hips) are also 33-24-34.

 while wearing the size 6.5 shoe size. Her hair color is brown while her eyes are dark brown.

Leah Gotti is well known for her modeling shoots and she keeps herself fit to reflect an aesthetic image of good health in front of the camera. However, despite being short stature does not come as a barrier between Leah and her ambitions becoming an inspiration to many young women out there who have similar figures like Leah but never felt secure about themselves because of it.

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Leah Gotti’s Net Worth

Leah Gotti is an actress who rose to fame after appearing in the adult film industry. She has been highly successful in her career and has earned a substantial amount of money over the years. Her success as an actress has made her a popular star in the industry and it is estimated that she has accumulated a net worth of $400 thousand US dollars to date.

Throughout her career, Leah Gotti was able to earn huge amounts of money due to the high-paying nature of the adult film industry. She has also used this money to finance a luxurious lifestyle for herself and her family while still having enough savings set aside for retirement.

As of now, Leah Gotti is already retired, but she can take pride in knowing that she has earned enough wealth during her time working in adult films to ensure financial security for herself and her loved ones later on.

Leah Gotti Career / Fashion And Style

Raegan Brogdon’s career started in 2015 when she was working as a part-time host at the Dallas Entourage club and got noticed. It was then that Raegan was offered to host the Exotica Convention annual event.

Although it was unexpected, Raegan accepted and began to develop her reputation. She soon caught the attention of many people who saw potential in her despite being considered more average-looking than the other models featured at both events.

This led to Raegan getting an offer from Matrix Models in Los Angeles, California, allowing her to take on modeling professionally for which she took on Fiona as her stage name until the age of 18 when she changed it to Leah Gotti.

Thanks to this opportunity, Raegan’s popularity has grown tremendously and since then she has been considered an iconic figure in fashion and style with millions of followers around the world keeping up with her work through all sorts of media outlets like Instagram where she uploads pictures featuring styles put together by some of today’s best fashion designers.

Even though it never had been initially intended, Raegan amazingly became successful and ever since has been pushing boundaries with inspirational creativity by showing people possibilities beyond what classical standard beauty dictates.

Love Affairs, Spouse & Boyfriend

Leah Brogdon is a young adult industry star who is often spotted with handsome men. She keeps her love life private and doesn’t usually talk about it but this hasn’t stopped other gossip sites from spreading rumors about a potential boyfriend.

With her busy schedule packed with work, it seems unlikely that she will have time for any long-term relationships or even consider marriage anytime soon.

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Although Leah hasn’t gone into detail regarding her alleged romantic encounters, few insiders have commented that she tends to date older and more mature gentlemen compared to most people in her age group.

This could be because as an aspiring actress, the entertainment industry requires gravitas not just in terms of talent but credibility as well. Many of these qualified partners have helped her establish herself in the adult field and get solid career opportunities.

Despite her secretive relationship status, Leah remains focused on achieving success within the film industry.

Leah Gotti: A Superstar with Incredible Awards and Achievements!

Leah Gotti is without a doubt one of the most successful up-and-coming adult film stars in the industry. She has been able to gain massive success in such a short span due to her striking looks and her perfect physique. These attributes have earned her a couple of awards and accolades that speak volumes about her accomplishments.

For instance, she won the prestigious Best New Starlet Award for her excellence in the adult film industry. Not only that, her sizzling truckloads of sensuous steamy performances were even recognized with awards like Best Scene – All–Girl Award and Best Scene Awards too.

Her hard work and determination coupled with passion and enthusiasm also made sure that she was always rewarded for her work making so much progress within a very short period!

What 16 personality types is Leah Gotti?

Leah Gotti, an ENTP, is a social butterfly who loves being the center of attention and always seeks excitement and adventure. They have a free-spirited nature that sets them apart, as they fearlessly take risks and constantly seek out new challenges.

They value honesty and want friends who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Disagreements don’t faze them, as they believe in standing strong and appreciating others who do the same, even if they’re on opposite sides.

Despite their intimidating appearance, they know when to let loose and have a good time. Engaging in lively conversations about politics or other thought-provoking topics over a glass of wine is sure to capture their interest.

Which Enneagram Type is Leah Gotti?

Leah Gotti is an Enneagram Nine personality type with One wing or 9w1. 9w1s are individuals who value morals and ethics. They have strong emotional boundaries and hold strong moral beliefs.

They prefer to be around people who share their values. Type 9w1s are friendly and open-minded. They aspire to enhance their skills and knowledge. Collaborating with them is effortless and comfortable. Their Type 1 wing motivates them to pursue peace in every aspect of life.

What Zodiac type is Leah Gotti?

Leah Gotti, born on June 4th, is a Gemini. Geminis are known for their curiosity, adaptability, and sociable nature. They have a remarkable gift for communication and can see both sides of an argument like a skilled chameleon. This ability allows Geminis to solve problems effortlessly and mediate conflicts with ease.

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In Leah Gotti’s case, she brings this talent to the adult entertainment industry, where she can flawlessly play diverse roles. Connecting with people from all walks of life is her specialty, which explains her immense popularity. On-screen, she expertly expresses her desires and actions without fear. Thanks to her unique perspective, she fearlessly shares her views and experiences in the industry.

In a nutshell, Leah Gotti, a Gemini, embodies adaptability, sociability, and effective communication skills, all leading to her thriving career as an adult entertainer.

Favorite Things

Leah Gotti’s favorite things provide an interesting insight into her personal life. Her favorite actor and actresses are unknown, however, her favorite colors are red and pink. This reveals a playful side to her personality. Her favorite holiday destinations are London and Paris, two popular tourist cities that offer a variety of unique cultural experiences.

Not only does Leah enjoy sightseeing, but she also relishes the delicacies of Chinese dishes when she visits these places. When off duty and not traveling around the world.

Leah’s favorite activities are playing softball, wrestling, and fishing – proving she is an outgoing individual with a taste for adventure! All in all, this list shows that Leah is a spirited person with a strong affinity for the arts, culture, and sports.

Interesting Information about Leah Gotti That You May Not Know

Leah Gotti is an award-winning porn star and adult movie artist who’s become known for her exceptional beauty and skills. While Leah Gotti has become renowned for her work in the world of adult entertainment, there are plenty of lesser-known facts about this star that many people may not be aware of. Firstly, Gotti loves to unwind by going fishing on the weekends.

She’s quite skilled at casting her line and knows how to fish specifically for various species. Secondly, she stands about 5 feet 2 inches tall (157cm), and with a body weight of 50kg or 110 lbs, she’s fit as a fiddle!

Her long brunette locks fully complement her perfectly shaped figure. That adeptness also translates into other physical areas; Gotti was a wrestler and softball player in her high school days as well as captain of the debate team in university. Leah is truly a remarkable individual with accomplishments both inside and outside the bedroom.


Q: Who is Leah Gotti?

A: Leah Gotti is an American former adult film actress, born on October 4, 1997, in Sherman, Texas.

Q: Does Leah Gotti have a boyfriend?

A: Information about Leah Gotti’s current relationship status is not publicly available as of my last knowledge update in January 2022.

Q: Has Leah Gotti been married?

A: There is no information indicating that Leah Gotti has been married.

Q: Are there any known affairs involving Leah Gotti?

A: Specific details about Leah Gotti’s relationships or affairs are not readily accessible.

Q: What is Leah Gotti doing now?

A: As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Leah Gotti had retired from the adult film industry. For the latest information on her current activities, it is advisable to check recent sources.

Q: When did Leah Gotti retire from the adult film industry?

A: Leah Gotti announced her retirement from the adult film industry in 2017.

Q: Is Leah Gotti active on social media?

A: Information about Leah Gotti’s current social media activity may change over time. It is recommended to check popular social media platforms for the latest updates.

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