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Mohammed Siraj: Girlfriend, Wife, Age, Career Instagram and More

Meet Muhammad Siraj: India’s Cricket Gem

Mohammed Siraj, born on March 13, 1994, is a highly skilled Indian cricketer, making his mark since his debut in 2018. Renowned for his right-arm fast bowling, he plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL and represents Hyderabad in domestic cricket. As of September 2023, he is the top-ranked bowler in the ICC men’s ODI rankings.

Siraj, a versatile talent, excels in all three cricket formats. His journey is a testament to hard work and determination, showcasing his rise in international cricket. Fondly known as ‘Miya Magic,’ Siraj gained widespread recognition for his exceptional performance in the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

In the national team, Siraj holds a crucial role, winning hearts not just for his on-field skills but also for his emotional connection with fans. His openness about his feelings, seen during the World Cup final loss, resonated with many, earning him admiration. Even celebrities, including Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, praised Siraj for his remarkable achievements. His story is one of dedication, skill, and a deep connection with the cricketing community.

Profile: Mohammed Siraj

Full Name Mohammed Siraj
Nickname Siraj
Profession Cricketer (Bowler)
Height 178 cm 1.78 m 5’ 10”
Date of Birth 13 March 1994
Birthplace Hyderabad, India
Wife N/A
Girlfriend Ayesha

Early Life and Family Background

Mohammed Siraj, born on March 13, 1994, hails from a humble background in Hyderabad, Telangana. His father, Mohammed Gaus, supported the family as an auto-rickshaw driver, and his mother, Shabana Begum, took care of their home. Siraj, the youngest of five siblings, faced financial challenges during his early years.

Despite these hardships, Siraj remained determined to pursue his passion for cricket. Growing up in a close-knit, religious Muslim family, he found support in his familial bonds. His elder brother, Mohammed Ismail, chose a career in engineering. Siraj’s journey reflects resilience and determination to overcome obstacles on the path to cricketing success.

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Siraj’s Cricket Success Story

Mohammed Siraj’s cricket journey kicked off at 16 in the local leagues of Hyderabad, catching the eye of the Hyderabad Cricket Association. His first-class debut for Hyderabad in the 2015-16 Ranji Trophy season saw him bagging an impressive 41 wickets in nine matches.

Entering the IPL with Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2017, Siraj made a mark with 10 wickets in six matches, earning him a spot in the national team for the Sri Lanka tour. Despite a challenging T20I debut, Siraj persisted, showcasing his skills in ODIs and ultimately making his Test debut during the Border-Gavaskar Trophy series in 2020-21.

His emotional Test debut, marked by personal loss, earned him respect for choosing to represent India. Over time, Siraj’s career soared, marked by milestones like a five-wicket haul in Test cricket and being ranked as the No. 1 ODI Bowler in 2023. His stellar performance in the Asia Cup final, equalling records, further solidified his position as a key player for India.

From local leagues to international acclaim, Siraj’s cricketing journey exemplifies dedication, resilience, and remarkable achievements on the global stage.

Siraj’s Cricket Records: Debut to Domination

Mohammed Siraj’s cricket journey is studded with remarkable achievements and records. He made history as the first Hyderabad player to secure a hat-trick in the Ranji Trophy, showcasing his prowess in domestic cricket.

In his debut Test match, Siraj etched his name further in the records by becoming the first bowler from Hyderabad to achieve a five-wicket haul. His exceptional feat extended to his first home Test match, where he once again claimed five wickets, making him the first Indian bowler to achieve this milestone in both debut and home Test matches.

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Siraj’s ability to consistently break new ground highlights his impact on the cricketing world, solidifying his reputation as a record-setting and trailblazing talent.

Siraj’s Marriage: Love and Triumph

Mohammed Siraj, known for his cricket achievements, shares a significant personal aspect – his relationship with his wife, Ayesha. Although details about Ayesha are limited, reports mention that she is a Pakistani Muslim, and she maintains a low profile by not being active on social media.

In February 2021, Siraj and Ayesha took their relationship to the next level, getting married in Hyderabad. The union reflects Siraj’s gratitude for the sacrifices his family made during his challenging early life. Siraj’s openness about his struggles and triumphs positions him as a role model, especially for aspiring cricketers with dreams of success in the sport.

Siraj’s Engagement: Mystery and Speculation

Mohammed Siraj’s romantic life has been a topic of interest, with past links to actresses like Shraddha Kapoor. Recent reports, however, reveal that he is currently engaged to a woman, details of whom are not widely known. Speculations swirl about a potential grand wedding celebration later this year, adding an air of mystery to Siraj’s relationship. As of now, specific details about his fiancée remain undisclosed, leaving room for curiosity and anticipation regarding Siraj’s impending nuptials.

Siraj’s Fiancée: A Supportive Presence

Mohammed Siraj, the talented cricketer from Hyderabad, often expresses the importance of his fiancée as his greatest mental support. Though specific details about their engagement are not widely known, Siraj openly acknowledges the pivotal role his fiancée plays in his life.

Siraj has praised her for being a pillar of strength, especially during tough times like the challenging Australia tour, where he faced racism and the loss of his father. In moments of emotional distress, Siraj found solace in conversations with his fiancée, who provided the encouragement and support he needed.

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In interviews, Siraj speaks fondly about his fiancée’s role in motivating him to stay mentally strong, emphasizing her impact during difficult periods. Her support, combined with the encouragement from his family and teammates, has played a crucial part in Siraj’s resilience and determination. The cricketer’s candid revelations showcase the significant influence of his fiancée in helping him navigate the emotional highs and lows of his cricketing journey.

Shraddha Kapoor Cheers for Siraj’s Cricket Magic

Mohammed Siraj’s exceptional performance in the Asia Cup 2023 final caught the attention of celebrities, including Shraddha Kapoor. The Bollywood actress took to Instagram to share her admiration for Siraj’s outstanding spell, creating a humorous post after India’s victory over Sri Lanka.

In her Instagram story, Shraddha encouraged fans to seek advice from Siraj on how to spend the rest of the day, accompanied by a playful picture of herself. This post added a light-hearted touch to the celebration, and fans even jokingly complained to Siraj for finishing the game sooner than expected.

Siraj, when asked about the celebrity admiration post-match, expressed his joy at receiving rare recognition. Anushka Sharma, wife of Virat Kohli, also joined in with a comment, adding to the excitement. The social media interactions fueled speculation among fans about a potential connection between Shraddha Kapoor and Siraj, making their posts a topic of widespread interest.


Q: Who is Mohammed Siraj’s wife?

A: Mohammed Siraj’s wife is Ayesha.

Q: When did Mohammed Siraj get married?

A: Mohammed Siraj got married to Ayesha in February 2021.

Q: Is Ayesha active on social media?

A: No, Ayesha is reportedly not active on social media channels.

Q: Where did Mohammed Siraj and Ayesha tie the knot?

A: Mohammed Siraj and Ayesha got married in Hyderabad.

Q: How does Siraj describe his wife’s role in his life?

A: Siraj has spoken fondly about his wife, acknowledging her as his biggest mental support and a source of strength during challenging times.

Q: Did Siraj face challenges before his marriage?

A: Yes, Siraj openly discussed facing tough situations, such as the loss of his father and incidents of racism during cricket matches, and credited his wife for being a significant source of motivation and solace.



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