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Vikki Layton: A Quick Look at Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Husband, Height, and More

by Arbab Jamil / January 14, 2024

Vikki Layton: Love and Snooker Adventures

Vikki Layton, known for being married to Snooker player Mark Selby, began their journey during a pool event where they both shared a love for cue sports. Mark, a well-known Snooker player in England, has taken part in big championships like the English Open and the World Championship.

Recently, Vikki caught attention online due to news about her being unwell, showing the challenges they’re facing together. Though Vikki’s private life isn’t widely known, it’s clear she strongly supports Mark, especially during important moments in his Snooker career. Mark often credits Vikki for his success, emphasizing her important role.

Mark and Vikki’s story took a big step when they got married in 2011. Vikki, showcasing her commitment, was even willing to delay their wedding because of Mark’s upcoming championship. In interviews, Mark has praised Vikki’s constant support, highlighting her as a key part of his journey in both Snooker and love.

Vikki Layton: A Closer Look

Vikki Layton, born on March 15, 1992, in Ipswich, UK, is a British national known for her connection with a well-known snooker player. At 31 years old in 2023, she celebrates her birthday intimately with family and friends.

Growing up in the United Kingdom, Vikki belongs to the Pisces sign and follows the Christian faith. Her parents, Terry Layton and Maria Layton, play significant roles in her life. Terry is a businessman running ventures in the UK, while Maria is a homemaker and entrepreneur.

Despite being a public figure, details about Vikki’s education remain undisclosed. However, she is likely to have completed her education, including university, in the United Kingdom. Her age, estimated to be around 35 to 40, aligns with her husband’s age, considering they don’t have a significant age gap.

Vikki Layton’s life takes a challenging turn as she faces ongoing treatment for depression, highlighting the personal struggles she navigates. As the spouse of a successful snooker player, she shares in his triumphs, including victories in tournaments like the UK Championship, World Snooker Championship, China Open, and German Masters. Despite her private nature, Vikki Layton remains an intriguing personality, balancing life’s ups and downs with resilience and grace.

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Vikki Layton Information Table

Information Details
Nickname Not known
Gender Female
Profession Not known publicly
Height (approx.) 5’6″
Real Name Vikki Layton
Weight (approx.) 55 kg
Date of Birth March 15, 1992
Age (approx.) 35 to 40
Birth Place Ipswich, United Kingdom 
Marital Status Married
Spouse Mark Selby (m. 2015)
Children One daughter, Sofia
Net Worth $3 Million

Vikki Layton’s Appealing Charm

Vikki Layton is well-loved for her slim figure, often described as doll-like and immensely popular among the youth. Standing at about 5’6″ and weighing around 55 kg, she maintains a slender build. With brown eyes and blonde, silky hair, Vikki’s big, beautiful eyes add to her overall attractiveness.

Her delightful personality contributes to her popularity, making her a favorite among young people. Vikki Layton’s appealing charm is evident in her physical features, making her widely admired for her captivating looks.

Vikki Layton’s Wealth and Earnings

Vikki Layton’s wealth is around $3 million, coming from a well-off family. Her husband, Mark Selby, also brings in a good amount of money, making them a prosperous duo.

Her job has helped her net worth grow to $1 million. Vikki Layton is active in her work, ensuring she earns a steady income.

The couple is securing their family’s future by making investments, especially for their only daughter. Despite their success, Vikki and Mark prefer a simple lifestyle, putting family first.

Facing challenges in their personal life, Vikki Layton and Mark Selby handle them well, showing their dedication to a balanced and thriving life.

Vikki’s Work Journey with Snooker Star Mark Selby

Vikki Layton might not be a big name you hear every day, but she’s had a job that she enjoys and has made a difference. Even though she’s not as famous as her husband, Mark Selby, a top snooker player, Vikki has found joy and meaning in her career.

Mark Selby, the snooker champ, started playing the game when he was young and turned pro in 2002. He quickly became one of the best players, winning his first big title in 2005. Mark’s career is full of impressive wins at events like the Masters and the UK Championship.

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While Mark is still playing snooker today, things have slowed down a bit. Right now, he’s focusing more on supporting his wife, Vikki Layton, who is going through some health issues. Even though they are facing challenges, their strong bond is helping them get through it together.

Vikki Layton: Love, Life, and Challenges with Mark Selby

Vikki Layton’s love story with Mark Selby, the renowned English snooker player, has been a journey of commitment and partnership. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and welcomed their daughter, Sofia, into the world in 2014. Mark Selby’s illustrious career in snooker, marked by numerous victories and awards, has been complemented by Vikki Layton’s unwavering support.

Their love story became public in 2006, blossoming from a shared passion for pool, where they first crossed paths during a Championship event. What began as a friendship evolved over the years, with their bond strengthening through shared experiences in the world of cue sports. The couple took their time, understanding each other before officially becoming a family in 2010.

In May 2011, Vikki Layton and Mark Selby celebrated their wedding in a romantic Mexican setting, preceded by a proposal in Venice the previous year. Despite the challenges that life threw at them, including Vikki’s recent cancer diagnosis, the couple remains strong and supportive. Their daughter Sofia, born in 2014, is the heart of their home. As they navigate through the trials of life, Vikki’s health battle is being faced with privacy, prayers, and the hope for a positive outcome.

Clarifying Vikki Layton’s Health Status

Contrary to some reports, there is no evidence to support claims about Vikki Layton’s health issues. The focus should be on her husband, Mark Selby, who has been open about his struggles with mental health, particularly depression. Mark has been candid about his experiences to raise awareness and support others facing similar challenges. It’s worth noting that his difficult childhood, growing up without his parents, may have contributed to the mental health issues he is addressing.

Vikki Layton: Lesser-Known Insights and Facts

  • Passionate Support: Vikki fervently cheers on her husband Mark Selby during his snooker matches.
  • Fitness Dedication: Demonstrating commitment to her physical health, Vikki engages in regular workouts.
  • Animal Enthusiasts: Both Vikki and Mark express deep love for animals, sharing their home with dogs and horses.
  • Snooker Academy: In 2018, Vikki and Mark initiated a snooker academy in Leicester, England, fostering aspiring players.
  • Private Persona: Despite public exposure, Vikki maintains a low-key life, steering clear of active social media engagement.
  • Romantic Mexico Wedding: Vikki and Mark exchanged vows in a romantic ceremony in Mexico in May 2011.
  • Former Pool Player: Vikki brings her expertise as a former pool player, adding another layer to their shared passion for cue sports.
  • Mark’s Achievements: Mark Selby boasts an impressive record of winning 20 ranking titles in his distinguished snooker career.
  • Twitter Recognition: While Vikki avoids social media, her husband Mark is a verified Twitter user with around 146k followers.
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Additional Facts:

  • Vikki doesn’t maintain a social media presence.
  • An avid animal lover, Vikki shares this passion with Mark.
  • Vikki enjoys exploring new places.
  • The couple celebrated their union in Mexico in May 2011.
  • Vikki is a former pool player.
  • Mark Selby holds a remarkable record of winning 20 ranking titles.
  • Vikki consistently praises her husband’s accomplishments.
  • Mark is a verified Twitter user with a follower count of approximately 146k.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who is Vikki Layton?
Vikki Layton, known for her past in pool playing, is famous as the wife of snooker legend Mark Selby.
2. What does Vikki Layton do professionally?
Publicly available information about her profession is limited, maintaining an air of mystery.
3. When did Vikki Layton and Mark Selby tie the knot?
Vikki Layton and Mark Selby exchanged vows in the year 2015, marking the beginning of their marital journey.
4. How many children do Vikki Layton and Mark Selby have?
The couple shares one daughter named Sofia, adding joy to their family.
5. What is Vikki Layton’s age?
The age of Vikki Layton is not publicly disclosed, keeping an element of privacy.
6. Does Vikki have any active social media accounts?
It remains unclear if she maintains any active social media presence, as she tends to keep a relatively low profile.
7. What are Vikki Layton’s hobbies and interests?
Unfortunately, there is limited public information regarding her hobbies and interests.
8. Where is Vikki Layton from?
The exact place of birth or hometown of Vikki Layton is not publicly known.
9. Does Vikki Layton have any siblings?
She has not disclosed much about her personal life, including details about potential siblings or extended family members.



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