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Pretty Woman Secrets You Never Knew 

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Pretty Woman” is like a grown-up version of Cinderella, and it’s famous all over the world as one of the best romantic comedies. This movie isn’t just about love; it’s also about Hollywood dreams, which makes it a classic that many people can relate to. If you’re a fan of “Pretty Woman,” you might be curious to discover some hidden secrets and behind-the-scenes stories that add an extra layer of magic to this beloved film. It’s not just a love story; it’s a peek into the glitzy world of Hollywood dreams that captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Choosing the Right Name: “Pretty Woman” Almost Had a Different Title

Did you know that the famous movie “Pretty Woman” almost had a different name? The first idea was to call it “$3000,” which was the amount of money that Vivian and Edward agreed on in the story. Luckily, the people who make movies, like the writers and producers, thought that “Pretty Woman” sounded much better and catchier. So, they went with that name, and now we all know and love it! It’s funny how sometimes the first choice isn’t always the best one, right.

More Than Just Acting: Richard Gere’s Surprising Talent

Richard Gere, the charming actor with the cool salt-and-pepper look, is not just great at acting; he’s got another impressive skill up his sleeve. It turns out he’s a brilliant piano player too! In the famous piano scene in the movie, where you see him playing so smoothly, that music wasn’t done by someone else. Nope, it was all Richard Gere! He created the music himself, showing off yet another talent that adds to his foxy charm. Turns out, he’s not just a star in front of the camera; he’s got some serious skills behind the scenes too.

Julia Roberts’ Straightforward Response: “Pretty Woman” and the Fairy Tale

In an interview with the Guardian, Julia Roberts was asked a direct question about whether the movie “Pretty Woman” glorified prostitution. Julia, being her graceful and witty self, responded with humor. She said, “What are you going to do? You can’t please everyone. That movie was a fairy tale. We did everything but put a glass slipper on. And I’ll tell you something else: for $3,000 a weekend, Richard Gere got a bargain.” Julia’s response highlights the fairy tale nature of the film, emphasizing that it was a story meant to entertain and captivate, not necessarily to depict real-life situations. Her humor and straightforwardness add a touch of charm to the way she handled the question.

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Casting Twist: Demi Moore and the Role of Kit Deluca

In the casting world of “Pretty Woman,” there was an interesting twist involving Demi Moore. Back then, both Julia Roberts and Demi Moore were big names in Hollywood. The surprise comes when we learn that Demi Moore was initially offered the role of Kit Deluca, a key character in the movie. However, she swiftly turned down the offer without giving any reasons. The role eventually went to Laura San Giacomo, and, as the story unfolded, it became clear that the part was a perfect fit for her. It makes us curious if Demi Moore ever looks back and wonders about the “what ifs” regarding this decision. Hollywood is full of these intriguing casting tales.

Surprise in Casting: Demi Moore and the Missed Role in “Pretty Woman”

“Pretty Woman,” something surprising happened with Demi Moore. At that time, Julia Roberts and Demi Moore were both big names in Hollywood. The interesting part is that Demi Moore was actually offered the role of Kit Deluca, an important character in the movie. But here’s the twist—she quickly said no to the offer without explaining why. Eventually, the role went to Laura San Giacomo, and it turned out to be a perfect fit for her character in the unfolding story. It makes us wonder if Demi Moore ever thinks about what might have been if she took on that role. Hollywood always has these fascinating stories about who could have played what role.

From Dark to Light: The Original Plan for “Pretty Woman”

Would you believe that “Pretty Woman” was supposed to be a much darker movie? Yep! In the beginning, the idea wasn’t the fun romantic comedy we all know. Originally, they planned to show the not-so-glamorous side of business escorts in Los Angeles, a time when city dangers and substance addiction were more prominent. But guess what? The producers decided to change things up and went for a lighter, romantic comedy vibe instead. So, the “Pretty Woman” we fell in love with almost had a very different and darker story.

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Unexpected Twists: The Unwritten Ending of “Pretty Woman”

Believe it or not, when they began filming “Pretty Woman,” they didn’t even have an ending written! That’s pretty surprising, right? So, a lot of improvisation took place during the filming. In one version that might make you gasp, Vivian was originally supposed to overdose, taking the story in a much darker direction. This idea caused quite a bit of controversy behind the scenes. Luckily, the alternative scene where Vivian talks about her dream of being a princess saved from a tower ended up sticking, giving us the happy ending we all love in “Pretty Woman.” Sometimes, the unexpected turns in movie-making can lead to the most memorable moments.

Oops, Movie Mistakes in “Pretty Woman”

Movies sometimes have little mistakes, and guess what? “Pretty Woman” has a couple of them too! One big oops moment is when Vivian takes off Edward’s tie, steps out of the room for a quick moment, and when she comes back, ta-da, his tie is magically back in place. Movie magic at its unintentional best! Another funny mistake is when Vivian is munching on a croissant in one scene, and in the blink of an eye, it turns into a tiny pancake. Oops! These little bloopers remind us that even in the world of movie-making, things don’t always go perfectly, and sometimes, it adds a bit of unexpected humor for the audience.

The Stunning Red Dress: A Colorful Twist in “Pretty Woman”

You know that gorgeous red dress Vivian wore to the opera in “Pretty Woman”? Well, here’s a cool fact: it was supposed to be black at first! But the brilliant costume designer, Marilyn Vance, had a vision. She thought a red dress would be even more breathtaking, and guess what? She was absolutely right! Marilyn didn’t stop at just one; she created three dresses for that scene. In the end, the red one won the top spot, and now it’s one of the most memorable dresses in movie history. So, next time you see Vivian in that stunning red dress, you can thank Marilyn for the colorful twist.

A Tale in Harmony: “Pretty Woman” and the Opera Connection

Did you know that the story of “Pretty Woman” had a musical connection? The plot of the movie is almost identical to an opera called “La Traviata,” where a lady working as a prostitute falls in love with a wealthy man. Interestingly, this opera is the same one that Edward and Vivian go to see in the movie, and it’s the scene where she wears that unforgettable red dress. So, not only did “Pretty Woman” charm us with its romantic story, but it also gave a nod to a classic opera, creating a beautiful harmony between two different worlds of entertainment.

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Close Calls in Casting: Richard Gere’s Almost-Missed Role in “Pretty Woman”

Would you believe it if I told you that Richard Gere almost didn’t get the role in “Pretty Woman”? Yup, he had some tough competition! Actors like Denzel Washington, John Travolta, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Christopher Reeve were all eyeing the part. After auditions, the casting director went with Richard Gere, and we can all agree it worked out perfectly. But wait, here’s the twist – even Al Pacino was in the running and could have been Edward. However, he said he was too busy for the role. Imagine how different the movie might have been with someone else as the charming Edward.

Sweet Decision-Making: Richard Gere’s “Pretty Woman” Moment

Deciding whether to take the role of Edward in “Pretty Woman” was a bit of a sweet and romantic moment for Richard Gere. Picture this: he’s on the phone with a producer, trying to make up his mind. While he’s deep in this decision talk, Julia Roberts passes him a note that says, “Please Say Yes.” Well, you can probably guess what happened next – Richard, caught in the charm of that sweet message, gave in and accepted the role. It’s like a real-life movie scene, isn’t it? The magic of “Pretty Woman” started even before the cameras rolled.

Tickling for Laughter: The Fun Side of Filming “Pretty Woman”

Imagine this: the director of “Pretty Woman” was on a mission to create the perfect scene, and he went to great lengths, even resorting to tickling Julia Roberts’ feet to make her laugh! In the scene where she’s watching “I Love Lucy,” he used this ticklish tactic to bring out a more natural laughter from Julia. Turns out, the actress was quite ticklish, and the plan worked like a charm. It’s a funny behind-the-scenes moment that shows the playful side of making a beloved movie like “Pretty Woman.” Laughter, it seems, was one of the secret ingredients to creating the magic on screen.

Bubbles and Pranks: Julia Roberts’ Surprise in “Pretty Woman”

Picture this: during the bubble bath scene in “Pretty Woman,” Julia Roberts stuck her head underwater. Little did she know, director Gary Marshall played a prank. He had everyone dash off the set, leaving Julia all alone when she popped her head back up. Talk about a surprise moment! Now, here’s another fun fact about that bubbly scene – there were so many bubbles, thanks to detergent, that Julia’s hair dye started to bleed. Yep, they used so much that they had to re-dye her hair on the very same day. The behind-the-scenes stories of “Pretty Woman” seem to be as entertaining as the movie itself.

Picture Magic: Touch-Ups for the “Pretty Woman” Poster

Back in the 1990s, even before all the fancy photo editing apps we have now, they knew how to make posters look perfect. In the “Pretty Woman” poster, they did some picture magic. They changed Richard Gere’s hair color to black, and for Julia Roberts, they used an entirely different body. The body actually belonged to her double, Shelley Michelle. They basically put Julia’s head on Shelley’s body using a computer trick called superimposing. It’s like giving the poster a touch-up to make it look just right. Movie posters can be a bit like magic themselves, creating a picture-perfect version of the stars.

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